The next generation of manufacturing leaders

As an industrial nation, manufacturing in the United States has experienced times of progress, beginning with the Industrial Revolution and continuing with post war booms. It’s also been decimated by the offshoring of manufacturing facilities and, course, jobs. We stand now, however, on the edge of tremendous changes fueled by new ideas, new technologies, and new needs. I spoke to two experts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to understand how the next generation of manufacturing leaders is being trained, and the opportunities that stand in front of them. Read more

Even Elon can’t get us to Mars

Mars has long been and continues to be a frustratingly elusive dream for many an aerospace engineer, wannabe astronaut, or die hard Total Recall fan alike. It’s a subject many people including myself are deeply passionate about. And despite the nearly 50 years of technological progress since the Moon landing, we are arguably still rather ill-prepared to reach the Red Planet. That’s precisely why watching Elon’s recent Mars reveal in front of the International Astronautical Congress felt like an exasperatingly tragic lost opportunity. Perhaps about as aggravating as Arnold getting blown out of an action set piece to asphyxiate in a red wasteland, albeit without the insta-terraforming plot device to conveniently save the day. Read more

Higher education needs to catch up

When we think of the adoption of new technology, our minds might think of colleges and university standing with open arms. But there’s something happening, or more accurately not happening, in some engineering departments – the curriculum just is not keeping pace with the current state of additive manufacturing. Read more

Meetup recap: “The role of additive manufacturing/professional 3D printing in education.”

Last week we hosted September’s Community meetup and, as usual, it was both both fun (there’s free pizza – it’s hard to be sad around free pizza) and informative. Our theme was “The role of additive manufacturing/professional 3D printing in education.” We were fortunate to have three speakers who knew their stuff – Elaine Kristant from Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Tasker Smith technical instructor at MIT’s Pappalardo Undergraduate Laboratory, and one of our own product managers, Blake Reeves. If you couldn’t attend or didn’t have time to check out the live feed, here’s a quick recap. Read more

3D Printing: target education

The 3D printing industry has a history of some 32 years. Within that (relatively) short period of time the technology base has established itself as a critical tool within many vertical manufacturing sectors for product development and, more recently, production. Read more