Intelligent Numbering: What’s the Great Part Number Debate?

What's in a part number? That which we call a part by any other number should assemble as easily? Every company struggles with defining part numbers. Should you use an intelligent numbering system that embeds important identifying information or go with easy-to-mange generic numbers? Choosing between these opposing methodologies might seem intimidating; solid arguments exist for either approach. Crowning a winner is not going to be constructive, but understanding how the underlying issues affect your company certainly will be. Read more

Exploring the future of compact vehicles.

Nimbus is a retro style eco friendly compact all-terrain vehicle with large panoramic windows, solar panels, and a unique design. Earlier this summer, Brazilian designer Eduardo Galvani published his concept to much international fanfare. Curious about the story behind Nimbus, we asked Eduardo for an interview. He graciously accepted. Eduardo is living proof that talent will not go unnoticed no matter where you are, as long as you have the passion, dedication, and faith. Unorthodox concepts like Nimbus are expanding boundaries and are paving the way for innovative solutions. Read more

If you can’t figure out what PDM costs, don’t feel bad. It’s not you.

Ever try to figure out the cost of a given PDM system? How’d it go? Get everything you need? I’m guessing not. Here’s why. What’s the first thing most people do before they make any kind of meaningful purchase? They search for it. They read reviews, they watch a few videos, maybe they hit the relevant forums. Once they’ve become more familiar with what’s out there and pared down their options, what’s the next thing they do? They search for the price. After that? Your average consumer likely doesn’t think about total cost of ownership (TCO) for every single meaningful purchase. But if you’re evaluating PDM, you likely will think about TCO. Or at least we think you should. Read more

Workbench Makes Part Reuse Easy With Custom Properties Search

One of the big benefits of a PDM solution is that it makes it easy to find and reuse parts. Part reuse can save your team hours of work and help you finish new projects weeks earlier. In order to reuse a part you need to find it, though, so part reuse depends on really strong search capabilities. Today we’re happy to announce that GrabCAD Workbench now offers one of the most flexible part search tools in the industry. Read more

Is PLM Software Only for Big Guys?

Looking at the profile and size of engineering companies using PDM software, especially as advertised by mainstream PDM and PLM vendors, one might easily reach the conclusion that these systems are ideally suited for large organizations with sizable engineering teams designing complex, highly engineered products. Read more

New Report: Your Guide to the Next Generation of PDM

Here at GrabCAD, we're pretty confident that the next generation of PDM will include mature cloud technology. But will PDM systems of the future also incorporate elements of other transformative technologies? In his new report, Your Guide to the Next Generation of PDM: How Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, and Social are Changing Product Data Management, independent research firm Consilia Vektor's Randall Newton tackles that question head on. Get the full report for free with registration. Read more

Six Tips for Better Design Reuse

The trick to getting better products out the door faster is design reuse. You start with a legacy model, incorporate a vendor’s new PC board, add some mad curves to the grip, and before long, your electronic ice cream scoop is on the market and you’re collecting a Red Dot award. Read more

Partner Spaces Is Replacing Our Free Pricing Plan

One of the great things about a SaaS product like GrabCAD Workbench is that it is always improving. An example of this is Partner Spaces - an improved way to work with partners inside and outside of your company. Today we’re announcing a change to our pricing based on improvements we've made to Partner Spaces. Read more