Project Spotlight – The Bike Project by Oregon Manifest

GrabCAD spoke to Shannon Holt, co-founder of Oregon Manifest and creator of The Bike Design Project. A crowd-sourced competition and exploration, the cycling public decided which bike was the Ultimate Urban Utility Bike in their collective eyes. Since Oregon Manifest is an independent innovation platform for utility cycling that asked teams to create a new product outside the larger bicycle industry, it felt most appropriate to allow the general public to decide which bike they'd like to see on the retail floor. The competition included 5 teams from Chicago, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle and the winning design will be manufactured by 2015. Read more

A Manager’s Guide to Being Wrong

Product development experts seem obsessed with "getting it right the first time," and grand statements about failure and options. But the truth is, all teams experience setbacks. The difference between the winners and the losers is that one team plans for it, while the other team can't believe this is happening to them (again). Read more

Check-in, Check-out, Check-in…Why Bother? I Know Where My CAD Files Are! (Part III)

In the previous blog post, I discussed the rationale and benefits engineering organizations realize by employing a formal product data management strategy and PDM software. In the final installment of Check-in, Check-out, Check-in…Why bother?, I will explain why the absence of a formal data management strategy imposes greater risk on small organizations. Read more

Engineering Drawings are Dead

Their time has come and gone. Yet so much of the engineering community both far and wide seem to hopelessly cling to their memory. Of course, we're talking about engineering drawings. And yes, it's time for the drawing to die. But just like those pesky zombies on AMC’s hit TV show about failed team dynamics, it seems engineering drawings keep coming back to life. If we're not careful they'll eat our brains. Someone get me a shotgun. Read more

BOMs Away! Workbench Adds BOM Management

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little BOM humor. But the new Workbench capability is no joke - we’ve added an easy-to-use BOM export capability to Workbench, enabling any Workbench user to generate a Bill of Materials with just a few clicks. This means that your engineering team and manufacturing team will always be on the same page. Read more