3D printing in medical devices is growing exponentially part 2: implants

In my previous post, I considered the applications of technology for external medical devices. Since then, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the US has published draft guidelines for Technical Considerations for Additive Manufactured Devices. The main thrust of these guidelines currently is not definitive, but rather provides direction both for medical device manufacturers and for FDA staff. Importantly, it does serve to illustrate the growth and acceptance of this application of 3D printing. Read more

Enterprise 3D printing: all about that communication

So often, I am asked: “Why must we annotate or tolerance a 3D printed part?” The answer always is “INSPECTION.” Regardless of quality verification for First Article Inspection (FAI) or lot inspection for most organizations evaluating conformance to requirements is needed. Read more

Daihatsu & Stratasys include the customer in the design process

If there’s one thing I know about our Community, it’s that you guys like designing cars. And engines. A lot. So when I saw that the Stratasys mothership had forged a partnership with Japanese automaker Daihatsu to create the first-ever automotive mass customization effort using 3D printing, it seemed like something you’d want to know about. Printing replacement parts (like a new grill, for example) is now very much a reality for Daihatsu owners. And if product parts don't blow your hair back, you can also print custom skins for whichever body panel you like. Pretty cool. Full article here. Read more

3D printing high-quality parts in aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloys like AlSi10Mg are relatively strong. They are also hard enough to be used for a variety of components in motor racing, automotive industry and general engineering. Historically, AlSi10Mg has found a niche among lightweight and thin walled casting parts or any casted and geometrically complex components subjected to moderate loads. Read more

What’s up with the new terms?

You may have noticed that we recently changed our site's Terms of Use. Some of you have asked what that’s about. Since one of our core values here at GrabCAD is transparency, it’s important to tell you why we updated the terms. Read more