Finding your CAD groove

In Spring 2016, I wrote how you should take The Model-Based Definition Ski Challenge. Well, in late December, I started up the 2016-17 ski season with my family amongst fresh powder and all new ski gear… and it was all about regaining our ski groove. Getting into the CAD groove is much like finding your ski groove. Learn from my skiing and CAD experiences. Read more

The Frustum Generate Quadcopter Challenge

Today marks the launch of an exciting GrabCAD Community challenge competition, “The Generative Quadcopter Challenge,”  sponsored Frustum, developer of functional generative design tools that empower mechanical designers to optimize and realize demonstrably better parts with additive manufacturing. Read more

Get certified in GrabCAD Print because it’s cool

Who doesn’t love a good certification test? Thousands of GrabCAD Community badge holders and certified Solidworks users can’t be wrong. As we put the finishing touches on GrabCAD Print, it occurred to us that the only thing missing was a good certification test. Sure you can tell people that you’re better than them at using Print. But why ask others to take your word for it when you can waive a shiny GrabCAD Print Certified badge in their face? And, of course, by “waive in their face” I mean “politely link them to your Community profile.” Read more