Meetup recap: “The role of additive manufacturing/professional 3D printing in education.”

Last week we hosted September’s Community meetup and, as usual, it was both both fun (there’s free pizza – it’s hard to be sad around free pizza) and informative. Our theme was “The role of additive manufacturing/professional 3D printing in education.” We were fortunate to have three speakers who knew their stuff – Elaine Kristant from Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Tasker Smith technical instructor at MIT’s Pappalardo Undergraduate Laboratory, and one of our own product managers, Blake Reeves. If you couldn’t attend or didn’t have time to check out the live feed, here’s a quick recap. Read more

3D Printing: target education

The 3D printing industry has a history of some 32 years. Within that (relatively) short period of time the technology base has established itself as a critical tool within many vertical manufacturing sectors for product development and, more recently, production. Read more

Reshaping engineering education at Purdue

Design engineering is transforming manufacturing at a rapid pace, and Computer Graphics Technology Professor Nathan Hartman sees technology and engineering students and departments like his at Purdue University on the edge of a fundamental shift. We talked to him recently to understand how new technologies like 3D printing are changing the curricula for the next generation of engineers. Read more

Even MORE engineering resources worth bookmarking

Education is one of the keystones of mechanical engineering. The breakthroughs and changes that continually beset the industry can leave you on the outside looking in real fast if you don’t take the initiative to keep up with the changes. The technology age means greater innovations, so you’ll need to make sure you have a few aces up your sleeve to keep you relevant. Read more

10 free online CAD resources worth bookmarking

These days, CAD users have more educational resources at their fingertips than ever before with little more than a quick Google search. But while online community forums and indexed help guides are indispensable resources for the modern CAD user, few mediums are better for communicating new concepts than video, and for good reason; although pictures and diagrams are great for learning new principles or workflows, nothing beats watching a fellow CAD user get from A to B in real-time. Read more

Drawing is an art, MBD is a science

Creating 2D drawings is an art – knowing what information is required and how to display it in a readable arrangement, while being efficient with the space provided, takes certain skill and experience. It used to also take a steady hand when a piece of paper and a pencil were the tools of choice. When CAD systems found their way into industry, capturing information in an electronic format was both a faster way to get the job done and provided a more consistent presentation of information. Read more