Art in 3D printing: more museum exhibitions we care about

As the fledgling technology looking to revolutionize engineering, art, manufacturing, and science, 3D printing is the focus of many an art museum looking to get in on this craze early, before it changes the landscape of all of those industries and fields across the globe. Here you’ll find exhibits that employ 3D printing technology to increase the interactivity of an exhibit, often allowing visitors to view recreations of lost works, look at the tantalizing potential of 3D printing as a craft and as an art form, and just to see innovative new pieces created by 3D printers. Read more

Artist Spotlight: Jenny Wu

Talented designers live with a burden. They’re surrounded by objects that they believe they can design better, make more beautiful or push the limits of production potential. With the help of SolidScape, a Stratasys company, that’s how noted architect Jenny Wu found herself creating a jewelry line called LACE. Read more

The beauty of 3D printed engineering design

I have always admired designers and their work. Designers have both the creativity and the freedom to design whatever they can imagine. Something I, as mechanical design engineer, didn’t always have in my job description. When I started working in the new product development industry, I was lucky enough to work both as designer and engineer. Read more

The impact of 3D printing on the art world

The application of 3D printing technologies across industrial sectors is unrelenting, and will likely continue for many decades as the ecosystem around it continues to improve and evolve. However, there is one discipline that continues to demonstrate its capabilities in the most captivating and eye-catching of ways whilst offering a wholly new medium for creativity — the art world. Read more

Artist spotlight: Bathsheba Grossman

Geometric shapes. Rotational symmetry. Mathematical oddities. It’s not the expected arc for someone raised in a family of well-known writers and English professors. But if you’re wont to rebel against words, numbers are the way to go. Read more

Art in engineering: museum exhibitions we care about

Few people appreciate engineering like artists. Hence, all of the engineering and design museums and artwork you see popping up in museums around the world. And while the beauty and grace many of these works come as no surprise to people who work in fields like engineering and architecture, it’s not the kind of thing the layperson might be anticipating in their museum experience. So it’s on a global scale that the tenets of engineering continue to evolve, with new technologies and ideas like 3D printing, seeping into the public consciousness. Here are a few of the more colorful (if you’ll pardon the pun) examples of engineering work being displayed in museums across the globe. Read more

3D printing adoption in aerospace

A great deal of new research and application development for the full spectrum of 3D printing technologies continues apace across the aerospace industry. Despite the simplicity of the umbrella term, this is a vast and diverse global industry that encompasses commercial aircraft, satellites, military, and defence aerial vehicles (planes/helicopters/drones), rockets and space vehicles, and, of course, applications for and on the international space station (ISS). Read more

How to analyze a 3D printed part: a matter of assessing

I’m tempted to use the word “analyzing” instead of “assessing”, because that’s really what I’ve been writing about in this series. Analysis is the one thing you’re actually doing at every step: you mesh while analyzing what you’re getting at. Then you see how it looks like and you redo if it’s not good. Read more