Change in engineers ranking

If you woke up and noticed that your ranking has changed quite a bit, please note that this is not a mistake, but a small change in our top engineer’s calculation. The concept behind the calculation is to show who the engineers are who are actively contributing the best models to the Library. Engineers on the top pages are also getting inquiries from customers about working on freelance projects, and customers feel comfortable trusting these engineers, because their portfolios contain a large number of great projects.

Please take a look new leader-board.

  • Mateusz

    how often this ranking is updated?

    • Hardi Meybaum

      Rank is calculated once a day

  • John Evans

    Check your calcs!! Something is wrong if Stan Wile is on the first page.

  • William Barclay

    I would need to agree with John I think there is something wrong with the way the calculations are now done for the ranking of GrabCAD engineers.