Models we love – Cars, Trains, Boats and Concept Engines.

Another great week for GrabCAD Engineers; Models we browsed through this week had so many great features, were super high quality and displayed many engineer’s superior CAD skills.

32 ford hi boy roadster by GrabCAD engineer Robert Butera

This is one of them classics you fall in love with as a kid and would make a great model for the Keyshot Render Challenge.

Axial vector engine 12 cylinder concept by GrabCAD engineer Sudhir Gill

Sudhir Gill has impressed us again with his skills and creativity with this awesome concept.

Decauville locomotive by GrabCAD engineer Steen Winther

Just look at the detail for us all to enjoy on GrabCAD

Paddle steamer by GrabCAD engineer AsifT

Old classic Paddle steamer, what about some nice renders?

Uncoiler brake by GrabCAD engineer Patrikurn

Very detailed model we have here from Patrikurn with a super neat rendering too!

  • :) Thanx William.. :D :D Happy to be here again. :D

  • william

    Hahaha your welcome Sudhir and just like all the other great members of this wicked GrabCAD community we are happy you are here also sharing your knowledge and CAD skills and renderings with us :P

    The future is bright the future is Universe engineers with the help of GrabCAD uniting us all

  • William Orr

    Have a rolling chassis of 0 4 0 Narrow Gauge Decauville in 3-1/2 inch and would like to finish it. A boiler and plate work is needed and details.
    Does anyone have plans for this??
    Kind Regards William.

  • JR.

    Looking for a scaled model of a 32 ford 5 window street rod

  • JR.

    Or even a 3 window ,with a 350 Chevy and side pipes