GrabCAD News: We Follow Through With Our Promises

Last week, we told you that GrabCAD Score Improvements Are Coming. Here at GrabCAD we value quality, communication, and collaboration and we are making changes to prove it. Our GrabCAD Score is shifting focus from activity-based points to quality-based points. What do you find fun, masterful, or educational? Download or like it. Let your peers know that you value quality content, too!

New "Flag" A Member Button

What have we done?

  • Removed scoring for uploaded renderings
  • Removed scoring for uploaded files and formats.
  • New "flag" a member feature (see picture, above).
  • Fixed scoring bugs found by the community.

These changes are already in effect and started a few days after we made our announcement. While this change may cause short-term problems, I think each improvement moves us in the right direction for our long-term focus on quality content. We are not finished, and we know that these changes are just the beginning. The GrabCAD Score will grow and evolve as our community does.

What is still in the works?

  • Allow users to like renderings.
  • Acknowledge model downloads in the GrabCAD Score.
  • Make badges more useful and fun.

My goal is to help you succeed on GrabCAD. This is where the world's engineers come to discover, create, and share the best of CAD. We want to inspire quality, community, and collaboration. I would love your feedback! Please send me a private message at

Community Manager

  • Nuno Felix

    What is the purpose of the “flag”? Is to report someone?

  • @Nuno Yes. If you see someone acting inappropriately on GrabCAD, then you can “flag” them and we will look into the situation for you.

  • Drazen

    Really nice. It’s getting better and better. I don’t know if people receive points for winning a challenge but they should. Why not give them for example 300, 200 and 100 for the first three places…

    I’m not quite sure I get this part: “your past and current actions will be automatically converted to the new system… Your score will not go down.”
    If everything is converted why shouldn’t my score (or anyone elses) went down? If I got it right – if someone has 200 renderings and has received points for them (3000), he will still have those points even though adding renderings is no longer stimulated by getting 15 points? Why wouldn’t that score go down…

    One more thing: If you let us receive points for every single download, what is stoping us from downloading our own models (maybe from a friends profile) thus making our score better? Hope you are planing to control that too :)

  • @Drazen I think I answered some of these questions offline but will post here for anyone else that is curious. I would love to have challenges as a bigger part of someone’s reputation in the community and agree that your own downloads should not count toward your score.

    At this point and time we are not changing past scores. We would not want to penalize our faithful members for following the rules for the score that we previously set. But you’re right, moving forward you will not get points for uploading renderings.

  • karthi

    i’m a beginner in grabcad, what does follow mean, what do i get from that?

    • Follow through means we do what we say we will do.

  • @Karthi, do you mean following a member? By following someone you get to know when they add new models, renderings, or do other activity on GrabCAD. When other people follow you they get to know when you do those same things. You can find this information at