Printing ‘n Presenting

Makerbot kindly sent us a Replicator 2 ever so recently in thanks for the Design Challenge we finished last week. So we decided to print off a copy of Grabby (by GrabCADr Stephen Nyberg).


Not a bad start? Send us more suggestions for things we should print off!


Lauri, Pritt and Martin and the newest member of the team.

In other news, we will be publicly announcing the results of the BLOODHOUND SSC Design Challenge at the Product Innovation Congress on Feb 19th. This has been a truly exciting challenge and we can't wait to see the final design in the hands of driver Andy Green. In addition, we have our new VP of Sales and Marketing Rob Stevens making a presentation on 'Crowd Design' on Day 2 (February 20th). If you're so inclined you should drop in and say hello - presentation begins in Room 4 at 14:35.

  • Sweet!!!
    I think if you guys print more Grabbies, you should try and suppress his eye lens first so you can see his eye. Should be easy to find in the SW file.
    He looks great!

  • Nice job there Stephen :)

  • Is it just me me or is the antenna on the wrong side?

  • @Gilbert, if you go and download my model, the solidworks version has two different configurations (I was working on making more) so you can have his antenna on ether side. When I started modeling him I thought he had two and you could see them but with the collaboration from the GC team I think I got him correct. there are images of him with the antenna on both sides.

  • Robbudge

    Nice Job,
    Got one on my shopping list, Just need to convince the boss.
    Would be nice to time lapse the printing ??

  • Looks like tglass filament…or something…