Autodesk and GrabCAD Partner To Launch 2D and 3D CAD Editing on GrabCAD

Today is a big day for GrabCAD, for Autodesk, and for CAD lovers everywhere. We’re partnering with Autodesk to bring AutoCAD 360 and Fusion 360 to our users as part of the newly launched GrabCAD Toolbox.

CAD editing with Autodesk

Autodesk recently announced AutoCAD 360, which brings powerful, easy-to-use AutoCAD capabilities to the web and mobile devices, as well as Fusion 360, the next generation integrated 3D industrial and mechanical design tool. Both of these products will be available through GrabCAD Toolbox, where users can access 3rd party CAD applications that run on GrabCAD.

This move represents the first time either 2D or 3D design and editing tools have become available through GrabCAD, making sophisticated CAD and collaboration tools accessible to users of all sizes and types.

How will it work?

It all starts in GrabCAD Workbench, where users can launch the apps they sign up for in Toolbox. With AutoCAD 360, users will be able to edit 2D files right in the browser, including collaborative editing where multiple users can see and edit a drawing. In the coming weeks, users will be able to launch Fusion 360 from within Workbench and, after editing the model, can save the model back to GrabCAD. In addition, all users of Autodesk Fusion 360 will be able to publish to the public GrabCAD Library so Community members can see the model.

Watch below as Hardi Meybaum (GrabCAD) and Carl Bass (Autodesk) collaborate on a GrabCAD Workbench project using Autodesk AutoCAD 360 and Autodesk Fusion 360. (Recording early today)

We’re also using this opportunity to announce GrabCAD Toolbox, where GrabCADrs can get apps from 3rd party providers like Autodesk. When you visit GrabCAD Toolbox you’ll also see plugins from other partners that enable you to “publish to” GrabCAD. As we add more partners you’ll see more and more apps – our goal is make GrabCAD your platform for online engineering tools, so that our users can access the best tools in the world in the most convenient way.

GrabCAD Fusion 360 Launch

Get started editing CAD in your browser

The AutoCAD 360 web beta product is available immediately. GrabCAD Workbench users can access AutoCAD 360 by selecting DXF and DWG files in Workbench. Fusion 360 for GrabCAD will be available in the coming weeks, watch for an update when it’s available. When available, you will be able to use Fusion 360 by selecting Fusion, STEP, or IGES files and using the new Edit menu. Initially, both products will be free for users. We’ll publish pricing when we get closer to a general release of the products.

So get started today with AutoCAD 360, and comment below what types of apps you’d like to see next in GrabCAD Toolbox.

  • William

    Woooooow and a great big super AWESOME WOOOOOW
    Now you have really blowing me away GrabCAD with this one, it just does not get any better than this…..
    GrabCAD and Auto desk working hand in hand this is like a dream come true….
    Super big congrat’z to GrabCAD and the team and especially Hardi for his vision of the future with us CADer’z
    The future is here and only possible because of GrabCAD and Auto desk!!!

  • Manolis Theofilos

    This is great news guys!
    Well done!!!!!!

  • Neudi

    Great Tool.
    Is realy a grand union, Grab cad and Autodesk, two names that all desingners knows.

    I liked Very much.

    Neudi P.R.

  • That’s really a great know to hear it,
    I Love alot GrabCAD, it’s really the best place where CADers can be,
    Best reguards,

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  • It’s a so great tool, i’m using beta version for many month now…
    i love GrabCAD, i love Autodesk Inventor and 360 for my students, now i have the two at a same place!!!
    Thank’s a lot!

  • Barbarian

    this is huge Congratulations Grabcad recognition from keyshot autodesk and all the new applications great Success.

  • Martin

    I think that if you would add Bentley next, you would have 99% of CAD scene covered

  • Bruce

    Great appearance, and potentially an ultimate tool. Yet, it has no pragmatic use for my company, before security is totally vetted.
    Anything short of an SSL type of security is a waste of time.
    Please confirm efforts in addressing security.

    • Hey Bruce,

      Thanks for the comment. We know security is really important for GrabCAD users. We do currently have SSL security for Workbench projects, so don’t let that be a barrier for you or your company :)

      Have a great day, and we hope you enjoy using Autodesk on GrabCAD.

  • Ed F

    The clouds are taking over. Will we have to pay for the latest release all the time now and not be able to use a version we like or can afford? Why would you edit or hack a step file.

  • Bruce Graham

    wish I could run the grabcad app on my android tablet

    • Hi Bruce,

      Yea the first release has a few bugs, and the app requires a camera that supports autofocus. We’ll fix this on the next release of the app by making the auto focus requirement optional.

      Then you can view all that 3D model goodness on your Android device.


  • James

    I would love to see integration with SolidWorks. Thanks for the new software and well done.

  • James

    Thank you GRABCAD,a real leap forward!Being able to view and edit 2d data is a great step it was the one thing missing and Fusion 360 too,what can I say….well done!

  • Alexander papadopoulos

    Clouds ….Clouds… Clouds… THE STORM IS COMING!!

  • Jab

    This is an awesome stuff and really cool functionality.

    Thanks for your hardwork guys.

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  • Great GC…!

    GC is always rising…!!

  • rakshit

    AAA very nice and awesome intelligent functionality.

  • Thawpeek

    Hai To all

    it’s very happy to here the news for the learns

    Thanks and regards

  • Paul

    VERY Awesome !!!

  • Salah

    i think its very exciting,
    i hope something with solidworks will come soon

  • Jet

    I am new mechanical cad user

    I spent about 1 hour making a simple 2d drawing using autocad 360 — not running in grad cad. Drawing has some rectangles, dimensions, & annotations.

    Saved to my desktop as dwg
    Opened Gradcad
    Imported same file
    first try the imported file was shown in inches but the design was done in mm…..
    OK so I switched gradcad to mm
    imported again
    this time the grid did not match
    OK matched the grid
    imported again — OK drawing looks OK and dimensions match
    The rectangles and annotations worked
    the dimension came up as lines but no numbers
    I am able to delete those lines and recreate the dimensions…
    The new dimensions come up not exact EG 950mm = 951mm
    240mm = 240.16mm

    When I draw new rectangle in Gradcad 360 workbench the dimensions are correct.

    When I save from grabcad then reopen the same file in Gradcad mm dimensions are not showing. When I redraw dimensions they come up wrong again EG 200mm = 200.16

    Overall I was able to make simple useful drawings
    But problems with dimensions is a show stopper until it is fixed.

    I discovered Cntl C V for copy and paste — but did not find any documentation for short cut keys or any copy paste menu. If I had not discovered those short cut keys I would have given up.

    • Jet,

      I’m happy to hear that you have given 360 a try but, I’m sorry to hear that you are seeing some unexpected behaviors. I will follow up with you via email so that I can fully understand the workflow that you took.

      Manager of GrabCAD Technical Support

  • Eddwin Rodriguez

    Yeah !! AUTODESK RULES!!!
    I love to be part of the fantastic world of Autodesk.
    Their products are very powerful.
    Thanks AUTODESK.. keep this awesome technology up.
    to me testing this technology 2 months ago was a very nice experience..=)

  • This is really useful, I will be using this tool for sure. I have to say thank you to Autodesk for making available all its software for students. :)

  • Barun Kumar

    This is very good news and this can help lots to the cad users.
    Thanks to Autodesk

  • Absolutely interesting news for CAD world. I am wondering how many Autodesk users are registered on GrabCAD compare to users of other CAD systems ?

  • mehrdad

    i need imold for my solidwork but i cant earn that in iran can you give me some opinion to take the imold for myself thank you for your website

    • Hi, I’m not sure what you mean by not being able to earn imold. Could you explain? Autodesk AutoCAD 360 and Fusion 360 (coming soon) are available all online through GrabCAD for free.

  • Andres

    Draw in 3d designs, very good!!

  • hossein bazyar

    I would like have Autodesk AutoCAD 360 and Fusion 360 could you send me(coming soon) are available all online through GrabCAD for free.