A day in the life at GrabCAD’s new Cambridge Office

Ever wondered what it looks like inside GrabCAD’s new Cambridge office? Well we just finished our big open house party, and now we invite you to take a look at where the people that work hard to bring you GrabCAD spend their days.


Welcome to GrabCAD.

20130617_145041-1 copy

Lively conference room featuring Hardi Meybaum, founder and CEO, and Rob Stevens, VP of Sales and Marketing. The conference rooms have windows, if the meeting looks interesting to you, just join in.


GrabCAD FACT: GrabCAD has three offices in the US, Estonia and the UK, although two of them are in cities named Cambridge. Confusing huh?


We LOVE the models that GrabCAD users add to the free Community CAD library, so much so that we decided to paint some of them permanently on the wall. This one is by Venkatasubramanian.


We work hard, but we play hard too! We’ve recently added a Foosball and pingpong table, not to mention a nice dart board setup.


Another model by Terry Stonehocker front and center by our new kitchen area. What’s in that fridge you ask?


Always fully stocked with everything needed for a proper day at the office.

GrabCAD FACT: Anytime after 4:30pm is considered “beer-o-clock”.

GrabCAD online 3D cad library of 700,000

We recently surpassed 700,000 users! So naturally, we drew all over the kitchen chalk paint to tell everyone about it.

Side-note! Do you, or somebody you know, want to be part of not only a great location and office, but a great team? Excellent, we’re hiring the following team members:

Senior Front-End Web Software Developer
Senior Back-End Web Software Developer
Senior Desktop UI Software Developer, Windows
GrabCAD Insides Sales Representative

Thanks for coming on the GrabCAD tour with us! What’s your favorite part of the office? If you don’t have one, what would you add?

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  • barbarian

    not bad no beer in the freezer haaaa

  • bjp

    Looks like your earnings model is working out pretty well!

  • http://www.nextfabstudio.com Alex

    Nice digs!

    Hi Grant!

  • http://pdxeffects.com/ Tommy Mueller

    Hire me!

    Looks perfect!!!

  • patrick

    What a nice place !
    Hope all of you will find there inspiration, creativity and more and more to keep Grabcad on the top.
    How envious I am …. not only by the beers in the fridge.

  • Chris Sturmbringer

    Always good to see ROUGE Dead Guy ale at work!

  • http://grabcad.com Sara

    +1 to all of these! Let us know if you’re in the area and we can arrange a visit to meet the team and share stories.

  • http://grabcad.com/dragan.beljan-1/public Dragan Beljan

    Wau, i want my apartment look like this office

  • Seth Grundmeier

    If only my office would be so modern and conducive to ideas… Hope the new pad keeps the fantastic ideas flowing!

  • http://www.yasse-inne.blogspot.com/ AIT OUFKIR YASSINE

    Absolutly this office will be a heaven for me,
    Grabcad office is a Perfect place to work,
    Good luck ;p

  • Johnny

    Damn, I wanna work there! :)

  • steven

    GRABCAD Office looks like “alice in the wonderland”!!!!yeah!fantastic!I wanna work here too:)