IronCAD launches integration with GrabCAD

We’re excited to announce that IronCAD now allows users to transfer their work directly to GrabCAD.

ironcad grabcad integration

Many IronCAD users already actively share their work on the open GrabCAD Library and use GrabCAD Workbench to share private projects with colleagues. Now it’s easier than ever for them to transfer CAD files directly, simply by selecting “Upload to GrabCAD” within IronCAD.  This capability is now available for free as part of the full IronCAD Design Collaboration suite of products.

"The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite today provides real collaboration by enabling  users to communicate design data seamlessly throughout their design process within their  organization." commented Cary O’Connor, IronCAD’s VP of Marketing, "The GrabCAD integration is a natural extension for our solutions and we are excited to offer customers the  direct integration to share files and projects within their online design groups and with the GrabCAD community.” he continued.

Adding IronCAD to the GrabCAD Toolbox is yet another step in helping to make it easy to share and collaborate using GrabCAD.

Visit to download and access the GrabCAD integration.

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