GrabCAD hits 1 million members!

On Dec 26, 2013 GrabCAD passed the 1,000,000 member mark.  If we were a country, we’d be ahead of Cyprus (477 GrabCAD members), Fiji (60 GrabCAD members) and Guyana (34 GrabCAD members).


It seems like just yesterday that we passed Malta with 500,000 members, but in fact it was March. In nine short months we doubled!

I’d love to claim this was due to our brilliance, our marketing savvy, or our good looks, but the reality is that people join GrabCAD because our members are amazing.  They post amazing models.  They help each other in amazing ways.  They create amazing Challenge entries.  And they constantly express their creativity and their skills in new forms.

The past year was a fantastic one for GrabCAD in a number of ways: we launched our new Workbench collaborative product development tool and signed up more than 17,000 users, we saw Challenges go to a whole new level with the GE Jet Engine Bracket Design Challenge, and we hired a bunch of great people in three countries.  But even with all of that happening, we couldn’t be more excited about the way the Community has continued to grow, and how members have found new ways to help each other over and over again.

To commemorate this milestone we put together a few interesting factoids about the community, and how it reflects what’s going on in the world of engineering - hope you enjoy!

I also want to take a minute to congratulate member #1,000,000 - Sam Rodriguez ( from Tampa Bay, FL.  Sam says he loves “dabbling in CNC machines and metal work” and adds, “I cannot believe after all these years I have not stumbled onto GrabCAD.”  Welcome Sam!

Thank you to all of you who have made this community such a special place!  And I can only promise you that this is just the beginning.

Learn more about the one million members

Hardi Meybaum
Co-Founder, CEO

  • Congrats GC…!!

  • William

    Big Congrat’z GrabCAD
    2015 – 10,000000
    2016 – 100,000000
    2017 World Domination
    Keep rocking it up GrabCAD.

  • BENRABAH Taki Eddine


  • What a milestone! GC is still the best engineering, concept & design resource anywhere online; IMO, the most intelligent online community too.
    GrabCAD staff and members are creating substantial successes in open engineering and product development & enhancement, and creating new relationships with many possibilities abroad.

    Simply the best online experience & interaction… anywhere.

  • Well traditionally back in the day the 26th of December was the day of receiving gifts and what a gift 1 million users!
    Well done guys it’s been a pleasure being part of GrabCAD.