Get your signed copy of “The Art of Product Design” at the Makerbot store near you!

If you haven't gotten your copy of "The Art of Product Design: Changing the Way Things Are Made" yet, stop by the Boston (June 11) or New York City Makerbot (May 15) stores to see Hardi speak and get a signed edition.

Hardi_Meybaum_blog2"The Art of Product Design: Changing the Way Things Are Made", published by Wiley and available from Amazon and other booksellers, describes how the digital revolution is changing the way products are designed and made.  Hardi describes how online communities,  crowdsourcing, rapid prototyping and new collaboration tools make it easier than ever to design great products, and along the way shares examples of individuals and companies who are making this revolution happen.  One of those companies is Makerbot, and Hardi will be doing book signings at two Makerbot stores.  Here's a link to the Marketbot announcement with more details.

  • Solidcon was great and Hardi’s presentation was perfect timing for me. I guessed what the image was in his presentation and he gave me his autographed book. In return I want to challenge the Grabcad community to discover one of the greatest minds since da Vinci. Viktor Schauberger’s work is waiting for Grabcad to share it with the world. Viktor’s ideas have inspired me to rethink how we view the world in a way I never had imagined was possible. I am designing deployable an anti-tsunami system based on his knowledge and complete grasp of nature’s laws.

    Austria’s greatest naturalist.