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New report: The Buyer’s Guide for Product Data Management

Let’s say you’ve seen the light and made the decision to implement a formal Product Data Management (PDM) system. Great! Welcome aboard. But just like any other significant purchase you make, you’re apt to do a bit research before you break out your credit card. You’ll consult with your peers, poke around a few forums, maybe even subject yourself to a few vendor sites (PS – thanks for stopping by).

All of these things are part of a normal buying process and we encourage you to partake. But you know what might really help you out? A PDM Buyer’s Guide. Preferably one written by a recognized authority on technologies that enable engineering, including CAD, simulation, PDM and PLM.

We’re proud to present The Buyer’s Guide For Product Data Management, authored by Lifecycle Insights Principal Analyst, Chad Jackson. Get the full report for free with registration.
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Take Control of Your ECO Process

Product design changes are inevitable. In fact, they are an essential part of the product lifecycle. Changes to a product design are triggered and implemented mostly (but certainly not only) during design, prototyping and test iterations in response to a new market requirement, a cost take-out campaign, changes in cost or availability of a critical component, issues discovered in manufacturing or even in field repair, and myriad other reasons.
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Check-in, Check-out, Check-in…Why Bother? I Know Where My CAD Files Are! (Part III)

In the previous blog post, I discussed the rationale and benefits engineering organizations realize by employing a formal product data management strategy and PDM software. In the final installment of Check-in, Check-out, Check-in…Why bother?, I will explain why the absence of a formal data management strategy imposes greater risk on small organizations.

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Check-in, Check-out, Check-in…Why Bother? I Know Where My CAD Files Are! (Part II)

In my previous blog post, I discussed why small engineering organizations feel quite strongly they don’t need a centralized CAD file management systems. In this post I’ll explain why, in fact, no engineering organization, no matter how small, can afford NOT to have a robust product data management strategy supported by PDM software.

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GrabCAD Workbench Makes File Management Easy for SolidWorks Users

When we launched our Workbench for PC app in November of last year, the response was overwhelming.  Now that there was an easy way to sync desktop files with cloud projects, thousands of users signed up to manage their CAD files in Workbench.  Customers like Hemosonics and Hogtunes have been able to get their entire CAD libraries under control and fully organized - finally there was a PDM solution that fit their needs.  But easy access to files was only part of the challenge.  To make Workbench the best PDM solution for small and mid-sized businesses, we needed to integrate it to their CAD systems.

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Over 250,000 CAD files on GrabCAD!

Today our Community passed the 250,000 CAD files benchmark! We appreciate all the hard work our members put into the models they share with one another. Thank you to every GrabCADr that has ever:

250K CAD Files on GrabCAD

  • Uploaded a CAD file.
  • Answered a question.
  • Created a tutorial.
  • Fulfilled a request.
  • Submitted a Challenge entry.


To celebrate this news we'd like to share some of the top models from the past few months. As always continue to design, engineer, and build!
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