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Should You Hire New CAD Help? Nope.

Business is good and you're anticipating a big new project. The development team seems stretched, and you think it might be time to add headcount. But as a manager, you know that finding the funds and approval for a new employee is rarely easy. And nobody wants to hire someone today, only to have to lay him or her off 6 months from now when the current projects wrap up.

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What’s wrong with using Dropbox to share CAD files?

“I’m just going to send that CAD file with Dropbox.” No! Wait! Stop! There’s a better way! Just because you can’t afford the collaboration features of a PDM or PLM system, doesn’t mean you have to settle for a general file sharing solution. Even if (ESPECIALLY if) you need to share CAD info with someone who doesn’t actually have CAD software, there is now an affordable,  CAD-specific solution for doing so - GrabCAD Workbench.

Let’s look at the differences between sharing CAD with Dropbox and sharing CAD with Workbench.

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Good News Post for Friday – Engineering Majors Rank High In Salary Analysis

Maybe you've had a long week, maybe you're struggling with a tricky design problem, maybe you need a little good news.  We've got some!  If you're a MechE (or Aerospace Engineer or Marine Engineer, closely related) you've chosen a high-paying profession!


Recently NPR's Planet Money podcast did a story on the most and least lucrative college majors - you can listen to it here.  Mechanical Engineers came in at #8 on the list, Aerospace Engineers at #4.  In case you're wondering, #1 was Petroleum Engineering (hello fracking boom!), #2 was Pharmacy Sciences / Administration and #3 was Mathematics and Computer Science (no real surprise there).

Engineering majors pretty much swept the list, in fact, which confirms that those years of calculus and late nights in the computer lab are paying off for at least some of you out there.  Congratulations!

Taking it to the next level, again.

Three things get me excited every day at GrabCAD:

  • Our Members. Their creativity and passion for design and building physical products is contagious.
  • Our Product. Building a quality product for the manufacturing industry and engineers is so rewarding.
  • Our Team. People make a company. All 36 people in US, UK and Estonia bring their best every day.

We are always looking to hire more great people who care about the same things. Today I am happy to announce two new additions to our team, Rob Stevens and Blake Courter. What did they say about joining GrabCAD?

Blake Counter, GrabCAD Product Manager Rob Stevens, GrabCAD VP Marketing Sales

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Creating a CAD-cure, from the Bottom-up

Usually we CAD in the realm of the very big and boisterous. Cars, tools, dinosaurs - it's the fun, we-can-see-it stuff. It's no surprise it's because we've gotten very good at making these things (except the dinosaurs). As manufacturing on the small scale gets better, CAD software catches up. Researchers at Parabon Nanolabs have begun to do just that, creating a CAD program that allows the user to drag-and-drop each individual atom to create custom drugs, and the nano-engineer can count on his 3D model to be crafted exactly as he or she imagined.


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Announcing the Dirtbike Tire Changing Tool Challenge! $2200 up for grabs

GrabCAD and Generat, an innovative motorcycle design company, have partnered to bring our community an interesting challenge-- Design a tire changing tool that works flawlessly with dirtbike tires and you can have a piece of the $2200 up for grabs.

Changing tires with tire levers can be a difficult challenge for inexperienced dirtbike riders. Bruised knuckles, broken inner tubes and ejecting levers discourage attempts. Generat has turned to the GrabCAD community for a solution. The challenge begins today (June 1st) and ends on June 21, 2012.

Winners will be selected by representatives from Generat and GrabCAD as well as Giovanni Sala, an Italian enduro rider and a six-time World Enduro Champion.

If you have any questions, add them to the comments section on the challenge page and  Tõnu Kallast, a Generat representative, will answer them promptly (he's already answered one about the level of portability required). Rules and requirements are also detailed on the challenge page.

To see how avid riders change their tires now, check out this video. Oh, the agony!

We have no doubt the GrabCAD community can solve this challenge. Get creative and design a better solution!

Good luck,

The GrabCAD team