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Culture eats strategy AND technology for breakfast

We all understand the importance of collaboration. We know, at least intuitively, that by collaborating people can accomplish more than they could as separate individuals. Yet, product companies that try to achieve effective team collaboration often find that collaboration, like corporate brand, is not well-defined and frequently discounted as too touchy-feely for structured engineering work.

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The small team advantage

When I set out to write this blog series, the overall idea was to look at engineering organizations within large product companies and discuss practices and tools that would benefit engineering teams in small companies. Smaller organizations often feel that small team size and direct communication among engineers reduce the need for complex formal product data management software, and that such tools might even reduce the agility and flexibility of engineers.

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Building Products is a Team sport

GrabCAD is about "open engineering" - helping engineers break down barriers, communicate and share more easily, and build great products faster.  Even though engineering is a team sport, there are lots of challenges to being a great team, and we believe that open engineering can help overcome these barriers.  Sometimes the challenge is rooted in technology, sometimes it's around process or content, but sometimes it's just about finding and communicating with the right people.




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