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Meet CEO Hardi Meybaum And Get A Signed Copy of “The Art of Product Design” on June 11

Quick reminder - Hardi will be doing a book signing at the Boston Marketbot store on June 11.  Stop by to pick up a signed copy of "The Art of Product Design: Changing How Things Get Made" and meet the author.

Hardi_Meybaum_blog2"The Art of Product Design: Changing the Way Things Are Made", published by Wiley and available from Amazon and other booksellers, describes how the digital revolution is changing the way products are designed and made.  Hardi describes how online communities,  crowdsourcing, rapid prototyping and new collaboration tools make it easier than ever to design great products, and along the way shares examples of individuals and companies who are making this revolution happen.  One of those companies is Makerbot.  Here's a link to the Marketbot announcement with more details.

Everyone Calm Down, We’re Not Building A CAD System

GrabCAD and Siemens announced last week that GrabCAD has licensed Siemens Parasolid software Twitter-Bird.  As you probably know, Parasolid is a leading 3D modeling kernel, used by CAD systems like SolidWorks, NX, and Solid Edge (for more on kernels and why they’re important, see this earlier blog post).  You may be wondering what GrabCAD plans to do with a 3D modeling kernel.


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What’s new in Workbench: The reliability of Product Data Management (PDM) without the cost, complexity and exclusivity

It's time to check back in on all of the cool new feature releases we've pushed your way over the last month. And what a month it’s been!  This week we announced new functionalities in Workbench launching it as the premier Collaborative Product Development solution. What’s that mean? Let’s take a look.


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