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Workbench now supports peer-to-peer CAD collaboration

About fifteen years ago, the internet was abuzz with peer-to-peer file sharing technologies. Napster spread throughout college campuses as music enthusiasts with vague ethics discovered that they could move data anywhere in the world with no central authority. Today, BitTorrent is responsible for about a third of internet traffic in Asia-Pacific. That's not insignificant. Plus, P2P can be used in perfectly ethical instances. Like, say, transferring CAD files between team members.

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Just out: precise select and measure in the Workbench viewer

If you've used Workbench lately, you may have noticed a little change in the 3D viewer. When we got started with the 3D viewer in the community, web 3D graphics were in their infancy. The goal of the viewer was to let you quickly view and comment on 3D files. Most Workbench users also use CAD, and we received a lot of feedback that we should strive to make a more CAD-like user experience. Today, I am thrilled to announce that we have launched a new select and measure capability that almost all CAD users should find familiar.

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Workbench keeps Xenex engineers focused on designing germ-zapping robots, not managing file servers

Back in October, we wrote how impressed we were with the work Xenex was doing in the fight against Ebola. Two months later, Ebola is still very much in the news and Xenex has been right there with it. Here at GrabCAD, we’re proud to help engineers stay focused on doing important things as quickly as possible. If we save them time and money, that’s okay too.

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