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Do more with Autodesk Inventor in your browser!

We want to offer a big welcome to Autodesk Inventor 2014, which is one of our newest supported files in the GrabCAD 3D viewer. It feels so right for members with the latest version of Inventor to be able to spin, explode, section, and markup their files right in their browser.

Click here to view Autodesk Inventor 2014 files in 3D on GrabCAD

Pictured: Shop Vac Power Head Accessory by Thinkin3D on GrabCAD

Looking for more good news? This means you can collaborate in private with even more Inventor uses with GrabCAD Workbench! Looking for even more good news? We also added support for OBJ and IFC file formats. Bring on the glorious, 3D models!
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It’s not magic! Create 3D models from photos

Every so often, we are greeted with new research or technology that promises to greatly improve how we work with CAD. At Siggraph 2013, five researchers released a jaw-dropping video of 3-Sweep. This clever demo shows an order of magnitude of improvement in modeling speed by snapping to photographs when sketching. The thing is, this technology isn’t entirely out of reach. You can do the basics today in most 3D CAD tools. Let’s take a closer look, starting with the video.

Click to view the 3-Sweep demo video

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