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Get to know the new GrabCAD measuring tools!

It's almost midnight, you just remembered your niece’s birthday (tomorrow) and you start to panic! There is no time to go to a store or rush an online gift.  As you try to come up with apologies in your head, you catch a glimpse of your 3D printer sitting in the corner, gathering dust. A 3D printed toy like Thomas the Tank Engine model by GrabCADr A. Ter Meer would be perfect. But, are the parts the right size to 3D print?

GrabCAD measure tool

This is one of many scenarios where you need to know the measurements or scale of a model before downloading. We want to help you with that! This post will walk you through each handy tool, so you can measure like a pro.
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The Future of Design and Manufacturing at DFM Summit #3

GrabCAD recently had the opportunity to speak at the latest Design for Manufacturing Summit in Brooklyn. NY. The intimate setting of mostly small to medium companies in the design and manufacturing industries made for honest and interesting panels. It is clear to our team that the point of 3D content is to help designers and engineers get real work done and real products made. We were glad to be included in the discussion around 3D printing, scanning and modeling so we could share this message with others.

Design for Manufacturing Summit #3 featuring GrabCAD

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Models we love – Muscle cars to Machinery

Another awesome week for GrabCAD and the community that uploads so many great models each week.

Scaled figure by GrabCAD engineer Rory

This very impressive model of a human looks great in any renders-- next to a car design, building, machinery. It's available to download in Solidworks and STEP format.


Bypass turbofan by GrabCAD engineer Michael Heyns

An awesome turbofan with tons of intricate details.

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Top 10 Most Interesting CAD Models from Last Week

A huge milestone for GrabCAD this week. The community that started just over a year ago has reached 40,000 engineers, designers, makers, geeks and modeling freaks. You can see the amount of models they're sharing. Let's take a look from some interesting ones from the past week. Hit it!

FP-1 Race Car / Arsalan

A work in progress, but impressive nonetheless, this FP-1 (NX/STEP) formula 1 style FSAE competition race car of team Formula Pakistan is from GrabCAD user Arsalan.
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10 Interesting CAD Models from Last Week

Are you ready for some sweet 3D model action? This week, GrabCADder JE Paz takes us on a journey of some of the models uploaded by our fabulous engineering community over the past week. As usual, there are quite a few, and now that we are nearing 20,000 GrabCADers, choosing the 10 most interesting models is getting a little tougher… here it goes!!

bmw car model

We will never get tired of car models, here we have a BMW-320i (AutoCAD) from Mario Ramos. Rich with detail from the rims and the headlights to a full-up interior, this is a car to Grab hold of!

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