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How CAD is Currently Playing into the VR Industry

To say computer aided design (CAD) has come leaps and bounds in the last 50 or so years would be a major understatement. The CAD world has undergone significant transformation in recent times and is ever evolving. While CAD software initially enabled engineers, architects, artists, and other creatives to generate designs in 2D and eventually 3D conditions, it has now taken a step further by utilizing virtual reality (VR) capabilities.

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Is there place for augmented reality in manufacturing? Yup.

Most people know about augmented reality. If you haven’t heard the precise phrase, you’ve probably heard of Google Glass. Same idea. Sadly, it appears that Google Glass has fallen on its face, ridiculed and tossed aside. But what would happen if someone took the augmented reality concept and focused not on the consumer market, but instead put it to use in the industrial market? Suddenly, aesthetics, price, and ubiquity aren’t as important. Imagine the potential that augmented reality could bring to manufacturing and design communication. Enter DAQRI, an augmented reality company who is looking to do just that.

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Solidworks Augmented Reality App

Last September I had the opportunity to attend the launch of Solidworks 2013 and see a few things coming down the pipe. One thing that throughly impressed me was their augmented reality app for mobile devices or tablets. Presented by one of the original developers of eDrawings, Rick Chin, the AR app generated some audible gasps in the room. Still in the preliminary stages, the quality of the app was pretty clear. And now it's available for download. 



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