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BOMs Away! Workbench Adds BOM Management

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a little BOM humor. But the new Workbench capability is no joke - we’ve added an easy-to-use BOM export capability to Workbench, enabling any Workbench user to generate a Bill of Materials with just a few clicks. This means that your engineering team and manufacturing team will always be on the same page.

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BOM Find Numbers: Don’t Get Too Attached

What are Bill of Material (BOM) find numbers and why do they exist at all? Find numbers are a feature of the very first BOMs, a simple method to individually distinguish BOM lines in order to explicitly identify or "find" the corresponding callout and depiction on an engineering drawing. In other words, find numbers are a BOM index.

BOM find numbers

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Free Bill of Materials (BOM) Excel Template

An engineering Bill of Material (BOM) explicitly lists the constituent components and raw materials necessary to realize an engineering design, and is a powerful and essential means for complete and effective engineering documentation. GrabCAD is providing a free BOM Excel template to get you started with managing your bill of materials, but read on for some important tips.

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150% BOM: Buy Two, Get One Free

Sometimes Bill of Material (BOM) terminology can be rather confusing. Case in point:  “the 150% BOM”. What does that even mean? It’s a rather enigmatic term when you think about it, so let's bring some clarity to the concept and practice.

Photo from

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It’s time to drop the Excel BOM

Microsoft Excel is no doubt one of the most beloved of all engineering tools, it's easy to use, almost infinitely adaptable, and yet extremely accessible. With 1 billion licenses of Office now in the wild, chances are Excel is lurking somewhere nearby. Unsurprisingly, Excel spreadsheets often become the default choice for bill of material (BOM) authoring at small engineering firms. But at what cost?

Excel BOM

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Why single BOM is not the answer for you

Recent posts on bill of materials (BOM) like Oleg's 'Will PLM Manage Enterprise BOM,' make me remember my first conversation about BOM management. It was when I was in charge of IT in a mid-size manufacturing company. Then, and now, Procurement Specialists said that BOM should live in ERP, Engineering Managers said it should live in PLM, Engineers said that it should live in spreadsheets, and PLM vendors said it should live in PLM. This is where today’s BOM problems start.

Single BOM: Model by Braham on GrabCAD

Pictured: Mercedes speed automatic transmission by Braham
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A Brief Introduction to CAD File Formats

Have you ever noticed that there are more types of CAD file formats than there are CAD systems?

precise gear versus tessellated gear

A precise gear (left) as compared to a tessellated gear (right).

Not only do most CAD systems create several different types of files, there are a myriad of interoperability formats that have different advantages when collaborating with your partners and customers.  Let’s take a look at some of the formats supported by GrabCAD’s 3D viewer, along with the strengths and weaknesses of those formats.
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