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MWL – Electric CAD

The recent Challenge with NOKIA reminded me of the great models we have that focus on all things electric. Whether it's circuits, motors, connectors, switches, or other accessories - GrabCAD has plenty of electric CAD to keep you busy this weekend. Get inspired, start a new project, or find something cool to set your scene!
300b valve amplifier on GrabCAD

300b valve amplifier by Andrew Whitham deserves way more love! Get the full assembly and watch out for the schematic, coming soon.

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Get to know the new GrabCAD measuring tools!

It's almost midnight, you just remembered your niece’s birthday (tomorrow) and you start to panic! There is no time to go to a store or rush an online gift.  As you try to come up with apologies in your head, you catch a glimpse of your 3D printer sitting in the corner, gathering dust. A 3D printed toy like Thomas the Tank Engine model by GrabCADr A. Ter Meer would be perfect. But, are the parts the right size to 3D print?

GrabCAD measure tool

This is one of many scenarios where you need to know the measurements or scale of a model before downloading. We want to help you with that! This post will walk you through each handy tool, so you can measure like a pro.
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What defines quality in open source CAD models?

In order to have the best CAD library out there, we need to know what quality means when it comes to CAD models. This is a tricky question and becomes even harder when you add open engineering to the equation. What qualities does an open source CAD model need to fit your needs and make it great? This is the question we asked our community, looked at in-depth over the past few months, and will continue to explore in the future. Why is this relevant to everyone and anyone in the engineering and manufacturing communities? And, how can you tell a quality model when you see it?

Mechanical Horse on GrabCAD

A classic, quality model by KFZ-Schule

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Models We Love – Engines, Chemical Reactors and a great Solidworks model of Wall-E

Chemical reactor by GrabCAD engineer Flaviano Crespi

Porsche flat 6 gt2 by GarbCAD engineer Jeff Lord 

Wall-E by GrabCAD engineer Luis Ricardo

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Models we love – Hydroplanes, cars, saws, engines and a neat looking rifle

Another awesome week for the GrabCAD community. It seems there is no end to the talent and skills on display!

Hydroplane by GrabCAD engineer J E Paz

In the air, on the sea with this awesome model it is just another fine example of quality uploads from J E Paz


Ar-15 air rifle by GrabCAD engineer Scott

Different and fun looking model-- would look great 3D printed sitting in the office


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Fateh Merrad, Turning GrabCAD success into freelance opportunity

His Audi R8 is the number one top downloaded automotive model on GrabCAD. His CAD models have attracted over 36,000 downloads.  His tutorial on creating car surfaces has received over 8,300 views. Algerian engineer Fateh Merrad is seemingly unstoppable. We sat down with Fateh, one of GrabCAD’s top users, to discuss his work, successes, and future in freelance CAD modeling. 

GC: Since your last GrabCAD interview back in February, your presence on GrabCAD has continued to skyrocket. How does it feel to be so influential?

Fateh: I am really honored. Hands down, GrabCAD is the most amazing platform for designers, engineers and creative people. It brings together passionate people to advance innovation without borders. For instance, we do have in North Africa an amazing pool of creativity and using GrabCAD as a sharing and social platform, I foresee a revolution in innovation and creativity. But, we are just scratching the surface in North Africa. Since I joined GrabCAD, I have had simply hundreds of talented people, designers, engineers and companies around the world contacting me directly; it is really constructive, impressive and honoring.

GC: How do you think GrabCAD has affected your professional career?

Fateh: I was working as a freelancer before joining GrabCAD. Since joining, it really amplified the scope and impact of my creations. I have been involved with amazing projects that are not only virtual but are also commercially viable products.

Picture Fateh

GC: What freelance projects have you worked on through GrabCAD?

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