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Introducing GrabCAD Challenges for 2015

Today we launched our first GrabCAD Challenge of 2015. This challenge will help build a better solution for a self-service parcel delivery system. We chose this engineering problem to begin the year based on what members said we could do to improve the GrabCAD Challenge experience: solve real problems, help others, and build skills.  In 2015 we plan to do just that.

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In their own words: the winners of the Lomography Design Challenge

Lomography wanted fresh accessory designs for their new Konstruktor camera. As the largest analogue photography community in the world, they were naturally drawn to collaborate with the largest community of designers and engineers in the world, GrabCAD! After a fun Design Challenge with 57 great entries - 3 winners were left standing. Hear how they approached their winning designs.

Al Dean winning design
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Challenge Winners: 3D4D Dreambox Emergence 3D Printed Sunglasses for Kids

The 3D4D Dreambox Emergence Challenge asked GrabCADrs to develop highly cost effective sunglasses for children as a preventative measure for Pterygium (known in the US as Surfer’s Eye.)

Dreambox 3D Printed Glasses on GrabCAD

Matthew Hayto put together a quick summary that sheds some light on the manufacturing constraints their team and Challenge participants needed to overcome. The winning glasses and the full results are available on the Dreambox Protective Sunglasses for Children Challenge page. Dreambox Emergence was very impressed with the quality, variety and creativity of the 3D4D contest submissions.
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Forbes: Sony And Intel, Shaping The Next Generation Of Hardware

Excerpt from Haydn Shaughnessy on

"When large companies get it, you can be sure the momentum has some pedigree. Large companies have been shocked by the rise of crowdfunding and the capacity of small companies and start-ups to fire up consumer passion on the back of an idea. Let’s not forget who really popularized wearable computing – PEBBLE with is uber-successful Kickstarter campaign for a smartwatch."

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The Fluid Core: The Role Of Design In The Fluid Enterprise

Haydn Shaughnessy is a respected writer, speaker and advisor on the topic of enterprise innovation. He has a popular column dealing with the subject on and has an upcoming book entitled "The Fluid Core: How Smart People and Smart Companies Are Responding to Crisis and Opportunity". Last week he released a report for GigaOm that referenced GrabCAD when discussing how open engineering is changing hardware design and development.

Haydn Shaughnessy photo from

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