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The beauty of 3D printed engineering design

I have always admired designers and their work. Designers have both the creativity and the freedom to design whatever they can imagine. Something I, as mechanical design engineer, didn’t always have in my job description. When I started working in the new product development industry, I was lucky enough to work both as designer and engineer.

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How design democratization leads to graphical commoditization

When you associate the state of CAD graphics to an alien conspiracy it just might incite a cheer, conversely perhaps a bit of rage, or in the very best case thoughtful commentary from a lagomorph well versed in computational geometry. The crux of my original article was not to convict or condemn, but rather to warn that the continually evolving CAD universe, and by association professional CAD graphics, is on the precipice of something here unto unforeseen and unimagined. It might seem like the end of all things. Something disconcerting enough that a forlorn and distraught Samwise Gamgee might longingly implore, "Don't professional graphics matter, Mr. Frodo?" For which our brave hobbit might reply: "They do Sam, they do. But not for me."

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Design for No-Assembly: Rapid prototyping evolves to digital manufacturing

It is abundantly clear that additive manufacturing (AM), whether in plastic, metal, or human tissue, is a manufacturing game changer. But as with any manufacturing method, design for that method must be considered. In that case of digital manufacturing, we get to let down our hair and let go of having to consider those pesky tool paths. It’s liberating!

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Why History-Based Modeling Still Matters

Imagine the horror. The untimely disintegration of a particularly brittle parametric model explodes right in the face of an unsuspecting designer, an unwary victim of a thousand unresolved dependencies. What manner of creature developed such an intrinsically complex system? After all, direct modeling is the new hotness. History-based modeling is old and busted. We're going to push and pull our way to a better tomorrow. Hold on there just a minute, slick.

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In their own words: the winners of the Lomography Design Challenge

Lomography wanted fresh accessory designs for their new Konstruktor camera. As the largest analogue photography community in the world, they were naturally drawn to collaborate with the largest community of designers and engineers in the world, GrabCAD! After a fun Design Challenge with 57 great entries - 3 winners were left standing. Hear how they approached their winning designs.

Al Dean winning design
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