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To Manage, or Not to Manage, From the Perspective of a NASA Engineer

When my first engineering internship turned into a full-time job after graduation, my supervisor called me in for a chat. He wanted to talk about possible opportunities in the company, and give me some advice based on his experiences. When he asked me where I saw myself in five to six years, I told him I expected to be in management. I didn’t have the gall to say it to his face, but basically I figured I wanted his job.

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Everyone is an Engineer

Here’s an all-to-familiar scenario. You update a model and send it to manufacturing — only to learn that the floor doesn’t build the old version according to the approved drawings. Somewhere between drawing release and shipping, someone took matters into their own hands. Acted unilaterally. Decided they knew better.

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Interview with Chief Engineer of The Spaceship Company

I had an opportunity to interview Scott Ostrem, Chief Engineer at The Spaceship Company (TSC). Headquartered at Mojave Air and Space Port, The Spaceship Company is the aerospace production company, founded by Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites, which is building the world’s first fleet of commercial spaceships (SpaceShipTwos) and carrier aircraft (WhiteKnightTwos) intended to make regular, commercial, manned space travel a reality. TSC’s operations now stretch over 150,000 square feet in three separate facilities and its team has grown to over 145 individuals.


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Interview with the Chief Powertrain Engineer of Ferrari

I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Jean-Jacques His, Chief Powertrain Engineer from Ferrari about his work and winning Performance Engine of the Year Award. The award was presented at International Engine Expo /Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart, Germany in early June where GrabCAD held a presentation about crowdsourcing.

Powertrain engineer at Ferrari

What is your background? What are your most notable projects?
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Tips for Converting CAD Data

If you participate in a “digital” design and manufacturing process you are probably sharing or receiving product data in digital form - usually a CAD file. Physical products seldom consist of a single part and are rarely designed and made by a single individual. Engineering is a team sport.

Digital design and manufacturing on GrabCAD Workbench

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