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Figulo Ceramic Challenge Results Are In!

It got Bigger and it got Better. The Figulo Ceramic Challenge really got the creative juices of the GrabCAD community going. We picked up a record 407 entries of vases, candle holders and table lamps! Andy Jeffery from Figulo and the entire GrabCAD team was really happy with the individual submissions, so we want to give a big thank you to every single engineer and designer who participated.

Best Vase - $500 Prize

 Amoraph Ceramics by Virtox / Stijn van der Linden

We like this design because of its elegance and it also demonstrates how our process can make designs that are extremely difficult to make by other methods yet beautiful at the same time. Read the rest of this entry »

Your Weekend Projects: Keyshot and Figulo Challenges

It's the weekend. You've escaped the Office/Studio/ Lab/Class and feel like thinking outside the box and trying something different. Well, as it so happens, GrabCAD has a few challenges on the go. Care to flex your rendering skills and win a free copy of Keyshot Pro? Or perhaps design and submit a ceramic table lamp for the Figulo Ceramic Challenge? Nearly $7,200 value in prizes!

By Ramses Chavez

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Figulo Returns with Another Ceramic Design Challenge!

That's right! Figulo loved how well the last challenge went in March that they decided to run the Figulo Ceramic Challenge. It's not going to be anything like our last challenge. Users must come up with either a vase, a table lamp or a candle holder, with $500 going to the winner in each category and $100 to honourable mentions. Wait, there's more. GrabCAD is giving out $100 prizes to those users that use our Collaboration Tool and work together!


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Case Study: Figulo Home Decor Design Challenge

Figulo ran a GrabCAD challenge to broaden its product line. The prizes were very sweet - $100 or $50 prizes plus a 50% share for 6 months. And man did we see a lot of submissions - 321 in total! But it wasn't all peachy as it seems, and at GrabCAD, we like to run these case studies to look back and see what we, the client and community did right and wrong and what we can do to improve.

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Winning designs from Figulo Challenge are up on Shapeways!

Figulo's Ceramic Home Décor Design Challenge generated a lot of submissions - 330 by last count. Prizes included $100 cash plus 50% of total profits. Now we just received word that now you can go to Shapeways and buy any of the winning designs!

Lauri and I just returned from Figulo's workshop in South Boston. CEO Andrew Jeffery was really happy with the sheer number and quality of finished designs, excited by the fact that the GrabCAD community can be counted on to create such beauty. CADelicious!

These are my personal favourites.

Ceramic Lighting by julius


Interweaved Cool-Flow Trivet by Vince Haley (Buy here at Shapeways)

More pictures of finished products to come!