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What’s the ROI of Managing CAD Files With Cloud-based PDM?

You may have decided that your team needs a better way to manage CAD files only to find that there are other people you need to convince - people with "finance" or "budget" or even "CEO" in their title.  Although those people may not understand the intricacies of assembly structure or the benefits of part reuse, they likely understand the value of money.  And that often leads to the question of Return on Investment.  So what is the ROI of CAD file management?  We'll give a quick summary here, but the get the full story read our short whitepaper "The ROI of Managing CAD Files". iStock_000000745731Small Read the rest of this entry »

Project Spotlight: PinforGC Team show open engineering principles at work

One of the best things about GrabCAD is that it brings professionals together to help them further their career or bring their designs into actuality. We have a special project to spotlight, which isn't just one design but a group of GrabCADrs coming together to form the PinforGC Team. Find out who they are, how they met, and their advice for their fellow engineers and designers.

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Interview: what hardware developers can learn from software developers

Matthieu Lapeyre is a CAD guy who recently started a new project where he had to work closely with a software team. In the process, Matthieu learned that the tools and processes in the software world are more capable and evolved, because software engineers use tools written by software engineers for software engineers. In his search for a modern data management tool for mechanical design, Matthieu contacted GrabCAD and told us what he had learned from the software team.

Poppy Project Video

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