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Interview with Chief Engineer of The Spaceship Company

I had an opportunity to interview Scott Ostrem, Chief Engineer at The Spaceship Company (TSC). Headquartered at Mojave Air and Space Port, The Spaceship Company is the aerospace production company, founded by Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites, which is building the world’s first fleet of commercial spaceships (SpaceShipTwos) and carrier aircraft (WhiteKnightTwos) intended to make regular, commercial, manned space travel a reality. TSC’s operations now stretch over 150,000 square feet in three separate facilities and its team has grown to over 145 individuals.


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Project Spotlight: Solar Impulse flies 3500 miles Across America using only solar energy

A revolutionary airplane, Solar Impulse, successfully flew across the USA in six legs covering more than 3500 miles. It made the trip despite weather challenges and damage to the wing on its final flight. Get to know the Switzerland-based Solar Impulse team and their process for creating the first airplane to fly day and night purely on solar energy.

Solar Impulse Across America - Golden Gate Flight - Revillard

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Interview with the Chief Powertrain Engineer of Ferrari

I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Jean-Jacques His, Chief Powertrain Engineer from Ferrari about his work and winning Performance Engine of the Year Award. The award was presented at International Engine Expo /Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart, Germany in early June where GrabCAD held a presentation about crowdsourcing.

Powertrain engineer at Ferrari

What is your background? What are your most notable projects?
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Letter to Community: We’re writing a book and it’s about you!

There isn’t a single day that passes when we don’t hear stories about how engineers are getting help from other community members.

It usually starts with, “I needed a part for my designs and I didn’t have time to design it. I looked on GrabCAD and there it was. I saved a whole day, and what’s even better, the original author shared more tips with me about his design. It could only happen on GrabCAD!” Hearing these stories keeps us going - we know that there are so many creative engineers and designers out there who appreciate that we save them time and help them do their job better.

But, not all the stories we hear are so positive. A couple of weeks ago, I met a brilliant product designer and engineer - a really brilliant one. After our meeting, he told me he’s making a career move to become an interactive designer. Yes, you heard me correctly, an interactive designer. He is talented enough to do anything, but I was curious. Why leave engineering? He feels that the engineering field is not developing quickly enough and, as a career opportunity, software seems like a better choice.

In some ways, I agree with him: there really haven’t been many innovations in CAD in the past 20 years. But, there is change in the air and I think he’s going to miss out on something really special. First, there is a new focus and movement based on hardware. Secondly, the internet really hasn’t changed how things are designed and built. At GrabCAD, we can see change is already happening.

Engineering is not developing quickly enough, but there is change in the air!

The GrabCAD vision is to build tools that help you design better products faster by taking advantage of this new open environment. More than 700.000 engineers and designers agree with us and joined our online movement to access CAD content, CAD people, and CAD tools.

These changes in the industry are hugely important and we need to share them with everyone who will listen. As a fellow engineer, I know that we may not be a very talkative group of people who are always tweeting and sharing, but these stories need to be told. We need to spread the word on how the engineering industry is moving forward, so a new generation of engineers and designers are inspired to choose a career dedicated to building great products.

So, we’re writing a book.

It’s about engineers, it’s about the future, and it’s about how this new, open enigeering world is going to change the way we design and build products. We want our book to be your book - it will be filled with stories from the people who are making this change happen, you. Thanks for building GrabCAD with us!

Leave us your story (1-4 sentences) in the comments below, and we may feature it in the book!

GrabCAD News: New Office and Amazing Hires

Hi, this is the first time you have heard from me and I’d like to say thanks for welcoming me to the GrabCAD community. I’ve been a full time member of the GrabCAD team for a couple of months now and it has already been a tremendously exciting ride. I want you to tell you more about my history and introduce you to our new hires, Stuart Reid and Dan Dignam, who are opening a GrabCAD office in the birthplace of CAD. I will also introduce you to new talent in Boston and Tallinn: Amos, Mart, and Taavi.

What Is My Story?

I’ve been involved in the Mechanical CAD industry since 1983. Why? Because, I believe that the CAD industry is a fantastic place to work.

  • You have the best customers in the world.
  • Your customers are people that are inventing new things.
  • Or, your customers inventing new ways to make things.
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