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Case Study: Hardware startup accelerates design with cloud-based PDM

Miselu needed better CAD file organization and revision control for product development. The many tools their hardware startup used left engineers wasting lots of time and injecting human errors into simple data management tasks. It also left non-CAD users and partners out of the loop. We spoke to VP of Design and the chief architect of current products – Mike Prichard.

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Get your partners involved in your design earlier with Partner Spaces – now with “link only” invites

Most engineers would agree that it’s important to get feedback from design partners early in the design process, before your design is solidified.  In fact, according to a recent survey of the GrabCAD community, almost 90% of engineers told us they have had to redo work because they got feedback too late.  This is especially true when dealing with partners outside your company, like suppliers.  But it’s such a hassle!  Fortunately we have some ideas to make it easier.

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Case Study: Biotech Mech Engineers get SolidWorks files organized

Andy Homyk and Tim Higgins are Mechanical Engineers at HemoSonics developing  point-of-care blood analysis systems that will guide patient care and prevent life-threatening clots in surgery and cancer patients. Challenging enough, right? Unfortunately their job was made more difficult when they found themselves lost in a sea of unmanaged CAD files.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.07.34 AM

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Get (and keep) your assemblies in order

We’ve written before about how hard it is to manage CAD models using standard file sharing tools. One of the big benefits of a PDM solution over non-CAD solutions is that it understands how different parts come together in an assembly. We’d like to share some tips for how to use GrabCAD Workbench to manage assemblies and keep your design in order.

CAD assembly

Workbench cross-highlights parts and subassemblies across the file, assembly, and graphic views.

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Signs you may need a PDM system

Many small and mid-sized companies struggle with the question of when and how to invest in CAD file management.  They muddle along with manual (or no) processes and put off the decision as long as they can.  It’s not obvious when to make the investment to solve this problem. We’re here to help.


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CAD in the Cloud? What you really want is cloud-based PDM!

There has been a lot of talk lately about “CAD in the cloud” – but I think there is an important distinction to make when discussing this. Are you talking about actual CAD design in the cloud, or referring to leveraging file storage and management on the cloud (while your CAD system still resides on your desktop)?  I think many of the people who talk about “CAD in the cloud” actually want “CAD files in the cloud” or “PDM in the cloud”.  Let me tell you why.

CAD cloud

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