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Challenge Results: Alex reveals “Eyes to Hear with” Easy to Manufacture CC Glasses

It’s been over a month since we first announced the challenge to create a set of glasses that display closed-captioning for a movie, and the results have been overwhelming! All twenty-eight entries we received were amazing, and when it came time to pick ten finalists, we chose them based on creativity, design, and the use of an app (powered by WiFi/Bluetooth technology) to transmit captions to the glasses.

CC Glasses by Anirban Ghosh for Eyes to Hear Challenge on GrabCAD

We’ve now ranked these ten finalists based on which are most parallel to our vision, and we’re now thrilled to announce the challenge winners! Read the rest of this entry »

New Challenge (Pro bono): Accessible Closed Captioned Glasses

“Mommy, I can’t hear Grandpa!” That was the first difficulty Alex Kukoff’s hearing loss presented. She struggled to hear her grandfather — he was dying of complications of Parkinson’s Disease — through the cell phone pressed against her ear in the noisy atmosphere of her mother’s bathroom.

Alex's Eyes to Hear With Challenge

Alex’s CC Glasses

Alex wants to make a difference for others who suffer from hearing loss or impairment. She came to GrabCAD with the idea for closed captioned glasses that would allow anyone who has difficulty hearing join in on the movie or presentation they would like to hear. We will ask our Community to ignite a spark for Alex and do their first pro-bono Challenge!

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How Pros Use GrabCAD Beta Tools

If you’re a professional Designer or Engineer, GrabCAD Workbench Beta is for you. GrabCADr Extraordinaire Tommy Mueller has been a tremendous asset to us by actively working with actual clients to bring their products to market quicker than before. Like what you see below, the first phase of creation of a new revolutionary shoe called Adaptive Footware™.

Edit: Tommy just made it public! You can see this project right here

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Soft Robots Bend The Possibilities

Robots immediately bring up connotations of hard metal, whirling motors and precise movements. The rapidly developing field of ‘soft robotics’ is bending that notion by combining pneumatics, 3D printing, silicone rubber and the locomotion of jellyfish and octopi. Air or liquid is forced into specially designed rubber forms, following particular channels to bend the piece or make it rigid in a controllable manner. Who said you had to use metal to make a robot!


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Nokia Goes Open Engineering, Releases CAD Files for Latest Phone

Telecommunications giant Nokia just released today that they are releasing a few of the CAD files for their new Lumia 820, free of charge. With a good 3D printer, or even a CNC machine, it’s possible for any GrabCADr to download, redesign or remix the case, fab and then reattach. It’s a tremendous step in the right direction towards Open Engineering for Nokia, the second-largest manufacturers of phones in the World.

(Download all files here)

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