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Scott Adams – I Challenge you to a duel, Sir!

Today’s Dilbert was just one too many insults and therefore, Mr. Scott Adams, I must contact you.

For years you have been insulting my fair homeland of Estonia by heaping scorn on backwards “Elbonians”.  We all know who you’re really talking about, Scott, with your mockery of mud and huts and cold.

But today you went a step too far and mocked GrabCAD Challenges as well.

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GrabCAD News: Bringing Quality to You Through Open Engineering

At GrabCAD we encourage innovation and quality. We value involvement in events like hackathons and meetups that push limits and advocate open engineering. So, what are we actually doing to support these values? I want to share some updates and let you know why the GrabCAD team cares so much.

Video via TechCrunch, "A Hackathon for the Data Center, Now That's A First" by Alex Williams

Video via TechCrunch, “A Hackathon for the Data Center, Now That’s A First” by Alex Williams
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Standard parts libraries vs. GrabCAD – what’s the difference?

Fanuc 430 robot. Model by Ken Schulze, rendered by Indrek Narusk.

“Your site is a great idea and could be very helpful but it seems to focus too much on very specific designs rather than standard parts.”

This is a comment we get every now and then and it’s understandable enough. So why isn’t GrabCAD a standard parts library? After all, standard parts are what most (mechanical) engineers use in their everyday work.

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