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Circumnavigating the globe with solar power

PlanetSolar, a solar powered catamaran, became the first ever solar electric vehicle to circumnavigate the globe in May after 584 days (19 months!) at sea. The impressive ship departed from Monaco on September 2010.

GrabCAD is lucky to have caught an interview with Christian Ochsenbein, a lead engineer with PlanetSolar.

Lauri: What is your background?

Christian: After an apprenticeship in electronics I studied electrotechnical engineering at the Bern University of applied science. My interests were power electronics, electric motors and mechatronic. Then I began work for Bystronic Laser. This Swiss company builds laser cutting machines to cut steel, aluminum and other materials. I was developing power electronics and control algorithms for the electric motors.

Lauri: What engineering problems have you solved in your work?

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