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At a loss for words? Not a problem with sketches in the 3D Viewer!

When we announced our 3D Viewer a few months ago, we were excited to introduce a new way to collaborate with other engineers. Now we bring you the next evolution of our 3D Viewing Experience - sketches.

The Power of Pins, Comments, and Sketches

You already use pins in our 3D viewer to communicate right on the geometry. While comments are great, there are some things words cannot fully express especially when dealing with 3D models.

Ever have problems describing your suggestions for a CAD project? Instead of sending written descriptions to your collaborators, sketches allow you to show your collaborators exactly what you mean. The great thing about pins is you can can point to exactly where in the geometry you are talking about. Comments and sketches in pins put the conversation in one place, making it easier to collaborate than ever before.

Have an idea for making a model look better? Draw it right on the model.

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CAD on Mac, part 2 – what’s holding engineers back

Apple-logoLast week we wrote about using CAD software on a Mac. As we already knew beforehand and the feedback we got confirmed it, it is not a very popular idea to use CAD on a Mac. As we found out, the main reasons holding CAD engineers back are:

Hardware costs:

"I will not buy a Mac when I can build 2-3 workstations with the same cash outlay."

Hardware suitability and customizability:

"PC's have a big advantage hardwarewise concerning freedom of choice. You can configure a system exactly according to your need, with components from multiple suppliers."

Software compatibility

"Mainstream 3D CAD programs such as Catia, SolidWorks and Inventor are simply not available on the mac."

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