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BOM Find Numbers: Don’t Get Too Attached

What are Bill of Material (BOM) find numbers and why do they exist at all? Find numbers are a feature of the very first BOMs, a simple method to individually distinguish BOM lines in order to explicitly identify or "find" the corresponding callout and depiction on an engineering drawing. In other words, find numbers are a BOM index.

BOM find numbers

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What’s the ROI of Managing CAD Files With Cloud-based PDM?

You may have decided that your team needs a better way to manage CAD files only to find that there are other people you need to convince - people with "finance" or "budget" or even "CEO" in their title.  Although those people may not understand the intricacies of assembly structure or the benefits of part reuse, they likely understand the value of money.  And that often leads to the question of Return on Investment.  So what is the ROI of CAD file management?  We'll give a quick summary here, but the get the full story read our short whitepaper "The ROI of Managing CAD Files". iStock_000000745731Small Read the rest of this entry »

Avoiding Multi-CAD Pitfalls

The broad diversity of CAD technologies available today offers more choice and capability than ever before. All that variety presents a unique problem, however. Given any moderately complex design involving different engineering disciplines, design partners, and/or suppliers, chances are you'll be wrangling multiple CAD platforms. We call it – wait for it – multi-CAD. Multi-CAD is simply a reality of design in the 21st century.

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150% BOM: Buy Two, Get One Free

Sometimes Bill of Material (BOM) terminology can be rather confusing. Case in point:  “the 150% BOM”. What does that even mean? It’s a rather enigmatic term when you think about it, so let's bring some clarity to the concept and practice.

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