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How 3D Printing Technology Has Influenced Storytelling

How 3D printing has helped comic book creationUp to the mid-1980s, the highest aspiration of many comic book artists was to stop working on the monthly superhero books and instead develop, or be hired to illustrate, a syndicated strip. Some artists, like Al Williamson (who illustrated the “Star Wars” strip) and Russ Manning (“Tarzan”), got a “gold star” and had their work gracing many local newspapers across the country.

As the entertainment industry started expanding, thanks to advancing technology, many comic book artists, whose daily job it was to illustrate fantastical adventures, found new venues for applying their skills.
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Need a project manager for an engineering project?

Are you looking for people to do the engineering work such as technical drawings, drafting, photorealistic images, CAD software conversion, 3D printing preparation etc? Is it too time consuming to find the right people, manage the process, communicate with them and pull it all together? GrabCAD will help you with our latest service offering.

We have updated our CAD services concept and this blogpost is about the new approach.  As you have probably noticed, there is a new page for services. Responding to our customers feedback we have adjusted our process to offer even more value and benefits and help in those domains which are most critical to you.

Finding the right engineer who has the right industry expertise, software skills, know-how and location for your business is very time consuming and can be frustrating. This task becomes particularly difficult when you have tight deadlines and several projects piled up above you. When you finally find these engineers you want to start in-depth communication, test them, ask and answer questions, investigate their background etc. Which splits your routine work into small tasks and blurs the focus. If you manage to find the right engineer and have handed the work over to him then managing the process is even more time consuming.

Now there is a solution for that; to transfer all the project management to a company that has the tools, resources and network capable of delivering desired results. 45,000 engineers in GrabCAD across the world have over 160 different software skills and industry expertise from automotive to tools and machine design. We offer project management services, 7 day phone support, money back guarantee, IP and quality control. Our project manager will handle your project - from simple CAD work to more complicated engineering and design projects.

When you have a request for CAD project, simply fill in the details using our quote request form and describe necessary details. Our Chief Engineer will respond in 12 hours with a quote and additional details.

The main benefits are:

  • GrabCAD offers very competitive price because of over 45,000 engineers across the world.
  • All your project files and data is stored in our secure server accessible only those assigned for the job. All our customers work is confidential, we have NDA and IP protection agreements in place.
  • Your project progression is constantly updated by our Chief Engineer.
  • Delivery times are very fast because someone out of the 45,000 engineers always has time.
  • You have a 24/7 phone support you can always call and inquire about additional questions or comments.
  • Before hand-over our Chief Engineer always checks the quality so that it meets the initial expectations.

You can leave us your quote request by using this form and we'll get back to you in 12 hours with a quote. Let us help you with engineering project management!