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Expanding Our Focus of Design Challenges to Include Personal Wear

The original members of GrabCAD were Engineers, and as such, we concentrated on running Design Challenges to resolve engineering problems. However, we've grown so fast that we have thousands of people in many other fields. There are many companies out there that want new aesthetically pleasing designs, like jewellery for example. The question is: Should we be challenging GrabCADrs to come up with interesting and aesthetically pleasing designs more?


Lots of GrabCADrs take on Design Challenges to improve their CAD skills, earn a little cash on the side, come up with a brilliant idea or simply for fun. In a World where CAD design is be increasingly used in home decor or in personal adornments, do you think that GrabCAD ought to be having more challenges with companies that make this work? We'd love to hear what you have to say - write your thoughts on the comments below!