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3D Printing Software: The Features You Need

3D Printing Software FeaturesFinding the best 3D printing software can be tricky and leave you wondering where to start when utilizing 3D printing for your business or personal needs. Companies and individuals have varying benchmarks, diverse perspectives and unique preferences when it comes to 3D printing software; it largely depends on the industry you are working within and the specific products you are trying to create.
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Design an iPhone Dock for a Toyota Prius to win $1,000 in prize money and be featured in an episode of Shape Lab 360!

Konica Minolta and GrabCAD are teaming up to offer an automotive-related design challenge. Konica Minolta is asking our community to design an iPhone dock integrated into the dashboard of a Toyota Prius.

The competition begins on April 17 and will close on May 3, 2012. We are asking our community of over 160,000 creative designers and engineers to develop an iPhone dock that integrates into the dash of a Toyota Prius.

On the challenge page you will find the necessary reverse engineered models to complete this challenge. For more background, here's Shape Lab 360 Episode 1. Top winners will split a $1,000 cash prize, and the 1st prize winner’s model will be featured in Episode 3 of Shape Lab 360.

Good luck!

-The GrabCAD team

Models we love: Transportation, Nuts and bolts to machine molds

Another great week for GrabCAD Engineers; Models this week had so many great features, were super high quality and displayed our engineer's superior CAD skills.

Alfa romeo p2- 1933  by GrabCAD engineer Carco

Super slick vintage race car recreated with elegance to define that classic look of a super car. Surface model created with Solidworks and the top quality Keyshot render brings this model to life.

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Models We Love: Machines and Cars

Another great week with hundreds of impressive models uploaded to GrabCAD from engineers worldwide. Here are a few of our favorites.

Simplex 1945 by GrabCAD engineer Allan E. Andersson

Allan has uploaded this old time favourite little engine taken from layout drawings onto CA. Allen really went that extra little step to produce this amazing little engine in his workshop. It's available in Solidworks and as a STEP file Get you cores revved up and get rendering.

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Fateh Merrad, Creator of popular model “Audi R8”

GrabCAD engineer Fateh Merrad from Algeria uses GrabCAD almost everyday and his Audi R8 model is one of the most downloaded models. I took a moment to chat with Fateh about his model and about his background.

GC: What's the story behind why you modeled the Audi R8? 

Fateh: Before starting to talk about the Audi R8, I want to say that modeling of cars is a great pleasure for me and for people who love this area. The history of this model was the second undergraduate year when I started studying CAD modeling. Our study was limited to design and Semple when I loved modilisation in Solidworks. I started doing research on solidworks when I discover the techniques of surface modeling that made ​​me want to model as a hobby. My first project was the Audi R8. It was difficult, and I worked quite hard on it.

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Stelu Harson, Creator of popular model “NRJ”

GrabCAD engineer Stelu Harson’s model NRJ is one of the most downloaded models on all of GrabCAD (over 8,300). I took a moment to chat with Stelu about his model.

GC: What's the story behind why you modeled the NRJ?

Stelu: I started drawing cars when I was just a small boy, obviously with pencil and paper. I wasn't a big artist :-) but I always tried to improve. I started to do 2D drawings, mostly of the side and front of cars. Then I tried to make them on paper in perspective and this was a big improvement back then. During university I had the first contact with 3D CAD programs. This was a great opportunity to carry on with my passion for automotive design by make them digital.

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3D Models that Put the ‘Scare’ in Scary Design

Well, Halloween is long over, but our scary design competition to model the fright into (or out of?) 3D geometry is just ending. Once again, we took on the challenge and the GrabCAD Community doesn't disappoint Take a look.

You'll notice a few of the models posted here in the GrabCAD community and in the PlanetPTC community album for the competition. That's quite alright! We'll look at the three that received the most likes here and then take a look at the other entries in the competition. The top model for this competition is the one you see above, Halloween Ball by William. Great job William!

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