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Evaluating 3D printed parts – if you can, show off the part

Like all GrabCAD Challenges, the Oxygen Valve Splitter Challenge presented a difficult problem: create an oxygen valve splitter that allows for independently controlled flow rates. As the valve splitter is meant for “low-resource environments,” participants had to design their part with certain considerations in mind (speed, minimal post-processing, and printability on a basic FDM machine). In addition to earning the top prize, the winning part has the potential of saving lives.

With over 130 designs submitted, our large panel of judges worked hard to determine the winning entries. While in the ideal world all Challenge participants would have been able to test their designs by printing them out, it is understandable that not everyone has access to a 3D FDM Printer just yet. Luckily, some of the judges including Victoria Au  (3D4MD) and Adam Arabian (Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Seattle Pacific University) were able to print out the finalist entries to test the devices. Here, Andrzej Stewart at the Hi-SEAS IV mission, explains the methodology his team used to evaluate entries.

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GrabCAD is at 3D Printshow London 2013

3D Printshow has become one of London's most talked-about shows. Blending technology, art, design and medical applications with a live show that features music and fashion, it gives visitors a glimpse of the future, where 3D printing will be used across almost every industry. GrabCAD is happy to be part of this year's event which is live NOW!

Business Design Center London

Last month 3D Printshow London launched a GrabCAD community challenge calling for unique and functional household item designs that could be printed in 3D. After a month of incredible submissions, GrabCAD VP, Rob Stevens, announced the winner live at the event today.

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Project Spotlight: 3D Printed Micro Planter Chess Set by XYZ Workshop

As XYZ Workshop says, "The proof is in the print." The XYZ Workshop team, formed in early 2013 by Australian Architects Elena Low and Kae Woei Lim, rallied support for their 3D printing competition entry on GrabCAD. Thanks to GrabCADr support and an amazingly creative design, they were able to nab the top prize in the My Mini Factory 3D Printing Design Competition.

Micro Planter Chess Set STL Rendering Other By Kae Woei Lim on GrabCAD

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Results: The Golden Gear Trophy and Awards

We have had an amazing year on GrabCAD and The Golden Gear Awards are our way of saying thank you to everyone who contributed quality content in our Community. We also challenged you to design the trophy you would want to have on your desktop to show that your models are some of the best on the site. You did not disappoint! There were an astounding 118 entries and the GrabCAD team enjoyed looking through every single one. Thank you, we wish we could print out each for our office - but they're for you. So let's get to the winners!

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Winners announced for the ZW3D Design Challenge – Holiday Edition!

This was a fun, holiday-filled challenge that brought a lot of entries. Everyone wanted to a chance to 3D print their design. The judges from ZW3D had a big task choosing winners. They decided based on quality, creativity, and practicality. All three categories were rewarded handsomely for their hard work. Congratulations to all the winners - listed, below!

ZW3D Design Challenge on GrabCAD

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3D Printed Tool Challenge Winners Announced! Drum Roll Please…..

It's been said that invention is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and there was no better place to find it than this GrabCAD challenge! All the winners here worked hard to design something useful and 3d printable, complete with user manual -  so a big handclap to the submitters! But one thing that made us really happy at GrabCAD: everyone was helping each other out. Especially our jury of select and hardened team of crack GrabCAD engineers - a big round of applause for their input too.

First Prize: Angle Measuring Device by  Sudhir Gill

Very handy tool. It is easy to use and can become useful when you have to make measurements in reverse engineering.  -Manolis Theofilos

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New Challenges! Mega-Yachts and 3D Printed tools.

In case you'd hadn't noticed, GrabCAD has two new challenges up and running! Team-up, bring your best ideas, make an elegant design and have a chance to win it all!

Dampening Device for Windbreaker doors for large Mega-Yachts

-Under heavy winds, doors are difficult to open and close by passengers and crew. Design a hinge and door that resists wind yet is easy to open and close.

-First prize is 2000 big ones! Second prize is nothing to sneeze at either - $1500. Third is $500 - plenty to go around.

-This is a difficult challenge with plenty of payback. Collaboration is highly recommended if you want to win!

This challenge ends at Noon GMT on June 5th, 2012

Useful 3D Printed Tool Challenge

-Design any tool that you can think of! It could be a unique tool or a unique reiteration of an existing tool, for any industry (Photography, Aerospace, Automotive, etc.)

-The entire tool has to be 3D-printable - 'non-printed' parts cannot be added later (ie/ ball bearings, bushings)

-If it is not obvious how your tool makes life easier or how it works, clearly explain this in your user manual step-by-step and upload it as a PDF or Word Document.

-First, Second and Third Prize-winners will receive a 3D printed tool, and 4th to 10th placed competitors will receive a nice and shiny GrabCAD T-Shirt!

-Challenge ends at Noon GMT on June 1st, 2012