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How a Golf Club Is Designed and Made

The world of golf club design has dramatically expanded and progressed over the past 20 years. High expectations for design skills coupled with the increasing influence of modern technology within club design and the sport as a whole make this an industry of continual flux and revolution.

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A Manager’s Guide to Being Wrong

Product development experts seem obsessed with "getting it right the first time," and grand statements about failure and options. But the truth is, all teams experience setbacks. The difference between the winners and the losers is that one team plans for it, while the other team can't believe this is happening to them (again).

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5 tips to start your open source project

Running an open source project is hard. That's especially true for ones involving hardware and mechanical components. While that may sound intimidating, it's also easier than ever to start your open source project and keep everyone involved up to date.

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Don't let the management of the work get in the way of you achieving your goal. Get out there and use the resources made available to you in communities like GrabCAD to build a product that solves a problem. Big or small, we can help you get your team started and help you share, view, and manage your files throughout each iteration cycle.
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Four ways crowdsourcing helps your company improve its product designs

Crowdsourcing offers a unique chance to speed up design cycles and improve designs. That is why a brand like GE, with so many great in-house engineers, chose to launch the GE Jet Engine Bracket Design Challenge with the GrabCAD Community. This was their chance to have engineers and designers from around the world build off each other’s creativity and learnings and to test the possibilities for a new, innovative technique like additive manufacturing.

GE jet engine bracket evolution of igor.lins.e.silva's entries

Pictured: Igor Silva created five entries as he gathered feedback throughout the challenge.

There was a record amount of collaboration for this challenge because it was a compelling, real world problem to solve. GE answered questions on constraints, participants were eager to share feedback and test results, and each entry inspired new ideas for future submissions. Here are four ways participants used feedback from the collaborative challenge environment to iterate and improve their entries for GE.
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