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CrowdCAD Amarok Racing Challenge case study

GrabCAD, a global mechanical engineering community and CAD services marketplace with over 15.000 members, helped to redesign the triple clamp of an electric super bike for Amarok Racing team. Crowdsourced approach produced over 150 solutions in a matter of weeks.

The goal of Amarok Racing is to compete in and win in the North American Championship of the formula 75 class in 2011. The Amarok team has designed and built a ground-up, all new, radically engineered electric racing superbike that changes the power-to-weight paradigm in the industry.

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Triple clamps, triple clamps everywhere!

As promised here’s a long list of triple clamps submitted to the Amarok competition that caught our attention but didn’t make it to the very top. I’ve tried to add a sentence or two about each design to explain why it stuck out from the rest. The list is in no particular order, I just had them opened in this order in my browser tabs :)

triple clamp

Mark Clayton showed real creativity and original approach with his "club remix" version was definitely something different. Machining it from one piece will be a waste though :) Amarok said "we would like to try this one". Because of the added tubes it doesn’t quite compare with the others in terms of weight but as said - we love that someone thought beyond the requirements. Two of Mark’s other models also made it to the list of finalists. Well done, Mark!

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Amarok competiton – the winners!

"Collective creativity", that’s what we call it. There’s no other way to describe what happened during the 2 weeks after we announced the Amarok competition.

The 150 and then some entries amazed all of us. It’s not just the number of entries but the quality and the high level of work, the friendly spirit of helping each other on with comments about technical solutions, design choices and aesthetics - all rather mind boggling. After taking some extra time to shorten the list down to 50, then to 10 and then finally to three we’re ready to announce the winners.

We were looking for:

  • Low weight
  • Reasonable ease of manufacturing
  • Originality of design
  • Aesthetic strength (vis a vis the bike)

And the winners are…

1st place - Danny Tas! Danny takes home a brand new Apple iPad 2, Amarok crew tshirt and a poster. In addition the Amarok Racing guys will do a feature with him on their website.

2nd place - Benjamin Garson who gets the Amarok crew tshirt and a poster.

3rd place - Scott Bruins gets the Amarok crew tshirt and a poster.

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24 hours left in Amarok competition

That’s right, we’re closing this amazing competition when 1st of June ends on planet Earth. So Hawaiians, you have a tiny advantage here as you’re still to wake up and use the day to the fullest.

Triple clamp

Update: Apologies for the confusion, of course there’s more than 24 hours left as it’s only noon of the 31st of May on the east coast of the USA. I mixed up dates when writing the post in the morning. Deadline was and still is 23:59:59 on June 1st, tomorrow.

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Help design the world’s most efficient superbike, win an iPad 2!

This is your big chance to help design the lightest, most efficient racing motorcycle ever made. And win an iPad 2 for your effort. Interested? :)

Update! Winners announced, find out who had the best design.

Photo credit: Arash Moallemi

The challenge, should you accept it, is to re-design the triple clamp for the Amarok P1 zero emission race bike that is competing to win the International Formula 75 TTXGP Championship.

If you beat other engineers, win the competition and your design rocks then the triple clamp you designed will help the lightweight heavy hitter tear up the tarmac already in June in the first race of the series. You get the bragging rights and an iPad 2 as the prize for your efforts.

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