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Porsche’s Upcoming Electric Cars Could Soon Set the Standard

Tesla gets a lot of news coverage. Depending on your viewpoint of the company, it’s either a media darling and Obama-era weakling, or it’s a misunderstood visionary of the future for mobility. What may seem to bolster the latter of those two versions is the fact that “legacy” or established automakers are making serious movements toward electrification. One big player in the electric car market will be Porsche.

While Teslas have wowed people with their amazing straight-line acceleration, semi-autonomous drive capabilities, and crazy falcon wing doors, Porsche will add a different flavor to electric vehicles.

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Augmented Reality is Coming to Your Car Dealership

The automotive industry has toyed with the idea of using augmented reality for years. Most applications have stayed in the realm of concepts, but Porsche is making strides toward real-world application.

Instead of helping drivers to spot dangers on the road like Jaguar and Land Rover, or supplying first responders with 3D schematics of vehicles like Daimler, Porsche is applying augmented reality in dealership service departments. It will be technicians wearing smart glasses, instead of customers, opening a world of possibilities.

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Why Toyota Boasts Superior Reliability

Australians in the Outback have a saying: if you want to get there, drive a Land Rover; if you want to get back, drive a Land Cruiser.

It's no secret Toyota makes some tough and highly reliable vehicles. That fact irks some people who don't share the love. They take issue with any number of problems with Toyota as a brand and company. But that doesn't eliminate the question of why Toyota's been so successful at the reliability game, even despite some recent controversy.

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