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CAD workstation performance tip: chuck those hard drives in the trash

The age of hard drives has come and gone; the time of solid-state drives (SSD) is upon us. We made this point with our kick-ass workstation recommendations a few months back, but a few of you were understandably skeptical. As engineers we have a special affinity for reliable technology, but such respect is not so easily earned. So are SSDs reliable? Let’s end that debate and understand that it’s well past time to chuck those hard drives. Yep. In the trash. See you in hell, magnetic platter.

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How To Build A Faster 3D CAD PC

This is a special guest post from GrabCAD user Scott Bruins

For an updated (7/2015) post with more modern specs and prices, click here.

Tired of trying to do 3D CAD on an outdated system? Can you read a novel in between rebuilds? Waiting days for a rendering? It may be time to upgrade your workstation. In this article I’ll go over what you need to know to build a fast 3D CAD PC.


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