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Models We Love: Machines and Architecture

These five models include some of the greatest machine designs and detailed architectural models we've seen so far on GrabCAD. Check them out, download them, 'like' them, render them, tweet them or share them on Facebook!

Weldingstation with robot by GrabCAD engineer A3NCAD

This awesome model was a revision from A3NCAD with credit to Andrei D for the original upload. This is a great example of how GrabCAD has connected engineers-- one engineers vision and model was revised and improved upon.

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10 Interesting CAD Models from Last Week

We are zooming right along this week! With record numbers of engineers signing up we have a whole assortment of new user submitting fabulous models and taking part in our Challenges. Be sure to check them out and have a go! This week's models cover everything from cars to creatures. Hit it!

Our first model, comes from new user Aykut Dana. It's a shapely version of a Trike Motorcycle (SolidWorks 2011) complete with tires, engine and laid back handlebars. This is one sweet ride!

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10 interesting CAD models from last week

What models are dropping our jaws in the GrabCAD library? Yours are. Here are 10 models from the last week that thoroughly impressed us. As always, if you need a model in another format, just leave a comment asking the uploader for a neutral format (step, iges, etc.) What are your favorites?

Valtra ants concept design (SolidWorks 2011) is not only an eye-catching tractor design, the engineering and innovation behind it adds even more interest. JE Paz modeled this based on the VALTRA future concept of farm machinery. The comments and renderings from others in the community show just how fun this model is.

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