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CAD in the Cloud? What you really want is cloud-based PDM!

There has been a lot of talk lately about “CAD in the cloud” - but I think there is an important distinction to make when discussing this. Are you talking about actual CAD design in the cloud, or referring to leveraging file storage and management on the cloud (while your CAD system still resides on your desktop)?  I think many of the people who talk about “CAD in the cloud” actually want “CAD files in the cloud” or “PDM in the cloud”.  Let me tell you why.

CAD cloud

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What’s new in Workbench: The reliability of Product Data Management (PDM) without the cost, complexity and exclusivity

It's time to check back in on all of the cool new feature releases we've pushed your way over the last month. And what a month it’s been!  This week we announced new functionalities in Workbench launching it as the premier Collaborative Product Development solution. What’s that mean? Let’s take a look.


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Host and Share your CAD files on Cloud

Earlier this month we wrote about project with two Technical Universities - lets build speedboat. Students told us that they need place to host their personal CAD files because they use University computer and home computer. They also want to share WIP models with some of their classmates and friends before they publish them into Library.

So we decided to help them and we believe that it will help lot of CAD folks out there who:

  • use multiple computers (for example CAD workstation in work and laptop at home) and need to host CAD models
  • work on some private project and need to share models with client, friend or co-worked

So we beside other new functionalities we released last week private CAD files host/share is the most important one.  So let take a look how it works:

First when you upload new CAD File into Library you can decide wether the file will be shown to everyone, only yourself or you can share private link with your friend.

When you already have files in your Library you can browse to your files and there you can see share button.

We are thinking adding Dropbox integration so you could upload your files directly to GrabCAD from your harddrive.

Let us know what do you think about private CAD file host and enjoy.

If you are not signed up for GrabCAD you can do it in 1 minute.