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Benchmarks: Time to Put your CAD Workstation to the Test

We showed you in an earlier post how to build your own customized CAD workstation from the ground up at an affordable cost, but even the best tool is only as good as what it is used for.

Now is the time to put your customized CAD workstation to the test and see what it can really do!

The day of reckoning is at hand - the money and toil poured into your CAD workstation must now face judgment. Sure, you might be sporting 2688 CUDA cores that can pump out 187 billion texels per second. A righteous sounding number, if you were paid by the texel that is. Spec dropping can quickly escalate out of hand, thanks to the internet. Who cares that your workstation leverages a tetra-bat of graphics to muster 70 billion more gigaflop-joules-per-fortnight-squared or that it might do the Kessel run in less than 14 – or perhaps 12 – parsecs? Before someone furrows their brow and disapprovingly folds their arms at your outlandish claims of CAD performance, it's high time to remove all doubt. Prove it.

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CAD workstation build tips from the trenches

The sun rises; the small mountain of indistinct cardboard packages is illuminated by the morning sun as a glorious monument to technology and engineering. The deliveries have arrived in a steady procession over the last several days, solemnly and reverently brought to your doorstep by sentinels of commerce each demanding firmly that you sign here. With each new box containing carefully selected parts of your future DIY CAD workstation, the means to execute on your plan now lies before you. You've made some important decisions. Maybe you've followed some of our advice, or maybe you're rolled an infallible plan of your own. You're in the pipe, five by five. But now comes the moment of truth, and this machine's not going to assemble itself.

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Go for multiple monitors

It’s been the trend for some time now, and while everyone’s main question is about productivity increase, the simple fact that it’s not uncommon to see dual monitors at a friend’s house is a bullet proof evidence that it people find it useful (if not luxurious). Nowadays, even those who don’t handle more than one software often have two to even three monitors. Ever seen Fallout 4 on triple monitors? Of course you have. So why wouldn’t you use a bunch of monitors for CAD? Let’s break it down.

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Here come the 4K CAD monitors

Chances are you've been staring at the same venerable CAD workstation display for quite some time, perhaps too long. This old relationship has probably carried on for years, surviving an upgrade here or a rebuild there. Like an old friend, you've been through CRT thick and LCD thin, teamed up to tackle some quality work and enjoyed a good time or two. But your dear friend is starting to look a little ragged. Now in 2016, you may have to gaze longingly at that anti-glare coated panel one last time, push that power button and bid adieu. Because here comes 4K.

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APIs, GPUs, and drivers: CAD graphical conspiracy?

Graphics performance is no doubt key to CAD productivity. Common recommendations involve running up the bill with professional level GPUs in certified hardware configurations. But is such a setup a wise investment? Hardware and software vendors tout how certified professional graphics cards are all that, and throw down the benchmarks to prove it. Many CAD hardware enthusiasts, however, contend that pro cards are perhaps an alien conspiracy designed to empty your pockets, and that consumer-grade gaming GPUs are up to the task at a fraction of the cost. The truth in the bewildering world of CAD graphics is complicated. But it’s out there. You see a pattern emerging here, Scully?

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