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Four ways to use Fusion 360 every day

Yesterday, we told you how Autodesk Fusion 360 helps you CAD like you've never done before. Now, we’ll show you four ways your peers are already using it for everyday tasks like CAD feedback, editing, and creation. Your company can use Fusion 360 to reduce design cycle time and communication errors. A tool like GrabCAD Workbench, which connects with apps like Fusion 360 and integrates with your existing CAD software online is a great way to get started.

Put the pieces together for your team online with GrabCAD Workbench

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You’ve never done CAD like this before!

As you may have heard, Autodesk Fusion 360 is now live on GrabCAD Workbench! This is a big deal. Why? Now, you can do more than view native CAD files in your browser.

GrabCAD Fusion 360

  • You can edit native CAD files from your browser.
  • You can create new models from scratch from your browser.
  • You can use Windows or Mac (or even both.)
  • Your designs are all managed online and in one place.

It’s a big deal because your software and data are no longer tied to one computer, location, CAD software, or OS! Watch the video, below, to see how it works. Stay tuned for the follow-up to this post tomorrow, when we tell you "Four ways to use Fusion 360 every day."
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