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Announcing QUESTIONS in GrabCAD Groups!

As many of you know, GrabCAD Groups is the part of the Community where you can join groups specific to your interest and connect with like-minded engineers, designers, and students. We also encourage you to participate in industry-related discussions so you can share your expertise.

Well, today we’re happy to announce that GrabCAD Community Groups just got a whole lot better with Group Questions!
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Top Unanswered CAD questions

Do you know how to set a camera path or import a DWG? There are some burning CAD questions out there that have not gotten help... yet. Each question answered with a tutorial, short or long, will help many other engineers get the job done better and faster. This is what GrabCADrs are all about so, we would like to put a bounty out on some of our top unanswered questions. Give these questions a tutorial and get a surprise!

Hunt for new tutorials on GrabCAD

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