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Project Spotlight: PinforGC Team show open engineering principles at work

One of the best things about GrabCAD is that it brings professionals together to help them further their career or bring their designs into actuality. We have a special project to spotlight, which isn't just one design but a group of GrabCADrs coming together to form the PinforGC Team. Find out who they are, how they met, and their advice for their fellow engineers and designers.

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10 interesting CAD models from last week

Friday afternoon is a good time to round up some of the most interesting models uploaded during the past week. I’ll try to make this into a weekly blog post. As the number of uploads increases a lot of good stuff gets pushed into the bowels of our CAD library. Time to put some of them into the spotlight.

4 piston engine

4 piston engine for Autodesk Inventor by Shelly. All semi-transparent models get thumbs up from us.

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Improved search for CAD models and engineers

Our site search got a nice little improvement - when searching for something you immediately see suggestions based on what you’re typing. So when you enter "engi…" it already shows you a list of engine models and you can either select one to check it our or refine your search phrase.

You can find engineers too! It took us ages but you can finally search for engineers too if you know their name. Works just like searching for models - type in the name of the person and you’ll see the models that they’ve uploaded and a link to their profile too.

Remember, our search is only as good as the descriptions and tags you add to your model when uploading. So when you want more people to find your excellent models then take the extra 30 seconds and write a few keywords what your model is about. Others will thank you for the effort.

Try the new and improved search…

Note that the search in our blog is different from CAD library search and it lacks this handy suggestions feature. We’re working to fix this :)

Reminder to engineers: tip about uploading assemblies

Quick reminder to all engineers who upload models into our CAD library. When uploading assemblies please check that you upload the component and sub-assembly files as well. The assembly file (usually the file extension contains ASM in it) itself is useless to other engineers if they don't get the components that are part of this specific assembly.

Fastest way is to create a .zip package of all the files that belong to the assembly (including the assembly file itself) and then upload this zip file - that makes everyone happy :)

If you’re using SolidWorks then you can also use our SolidWorks plugin to upload straight from within the software. Handy, really.

Small patch of updates to GrabCAD library

This week has seen a number of smaller updates to our CAD library. No major new features this time as we've focused on cleaning some stuff under the bonnet and making tiny usability tweaks you might not even notice.

Car jack from Hemant Agarwal

Upload larger models - we increased file limit from 100 MB to 200 MB. This should be plenty for even the largest assemblies.

New categories added - mechanical design, furniture and architecture. Have any other ideas what are the categories we're missing? Leave your suggestion in the comments.

Top contributors on members page now display top uploaders from the last month. Only CAD models you upload will count in putting this list together. You're still more than welcome to upload just screenshots or PDFs of your work to build your portfolio, we realize you might not be able to upload models but still want to make a name for yourself and get feedback and contacts.
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Our CAD library – summing up the first live week

Hello there again,

How great it is to finally have our product up and running. Feels like we’ve completed a huge milestone - and sure, that we do. Looking at it now, however, we again see clearly how that first part was just one stage of a huge and surely exciting journey. Our tasklists are long and if you could see through the nice (hopefully you like it too) exterior of you’d see a bunch of enthusiastic caffeine-addicts who don’t sleep enough polishing their ideas until they’re happy. And they are happy when you are happy.
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GrabCAD beta free library launches

I had to start this blog post four times because I couldn't find the right words to say this - we're live! has just launched as free CAD library and a community for engineers. This is what we've been cooking for the last 3 months. It's in beta, it's a bit rough around the edges, but it's live and registration is open to all.

What is

It's a CAD library for everyone. We're not focusing on one software and we're not yet another library for standard parts from 10 manufacturers. Our aim is to get engineers to share their own models to help cut modeling time by reusing each other's work. Saving time by sharing and reusing existing models is what prompted our founders Hardi and Indrek to build a new CAD library in the first place.

Small section of our CAD library

The next step is to add a marketplace for engineering work. If you have a good portfolio with quality models and good feedback from other members you'll start pulling paid work (if you want, of course) from GrabCAD. Marketplace is still couple of months in the future as we'll initially focus on adding features to the library and community side of things.

What can you do at

  • Download CAD models - even if you're not registered
  • Share your CAD models - help grow the library and our community
  • Build your profile to promote your work and skills
  • Give and receive feedback
  • Follow other members to stay up to date about their new uploads, comments etc

Go on, sign up for a free account, look around, download a model or two and give back too - upload models that others might find helpful. And if you have any ideas how to improve or find any problems then we're very interested in finding out. Leave a comment here or drop us an email at