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How optimal is your CAD model?

I don’t know a designer or a CAD modeler who hasn’t been through a phase where he/she was speaking about his/her work in artistic terms rather than technical ones. I also don’t know anyone who hasn’t had to face someone criticising a design through an artsy tirade leaving them clueless as to what is exactly wrong with their model or how to improve it. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just keep two things in mind: 1) you have had this attitude at some point and 2) therefore should be understanding and patient. And in order to assess your CAD model, you should quantify or ask for it!

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At a loss for words? Not a problem with sketches in the 3D Viewer!

When we announced our 3D Viewer a few months ago, we were excited to introduce a new way to collaborate with other engineers. Now we bring you the next evolution of our 3D Viewing Experience - sketches.

The Power of Pins, Comments, and Sketches

You already use pins in our 3D viewer to communicate right on the geometry. While comments are great, there are some things words cannot fully express especially when dealing with 3D models.

Ever have problems describing your suggestions for a CAD project? Instead of sending written descriptions to your collaborators, sketches allow you to show your collaborators exactly what you mean. The great thing about pins is you can can point to exactly where in the geometry you are talking about. Comments and sketches in pins put the conversation in one place, making it easier to collaborate than ever before.

Have an idea for making a model look better? Draw it right on the model.

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Konica Minolta iPhone dock challenge results published! Winners chosen from over 160 unique design concepts

Konica Minolta 3D Scanning Labs launched an iPhone dock design challenge on GrabCAD a few weeks ago. With over 160 design concepts to choose from, it was a challenge for Michael Bernero of Konica Minolta labs to select winners. Nevertheless, the results are in!

Vincenzo, the first place winner, will be awarded $500 and have his model featured in episode 3 of Shape Lab 360. We'll share that episode with you as soon as it comes out (see episode 2 here). 2nd-10th place winners collect varying amounts of prize money as well as Shape Lab 360 shirts. Congratulations to all participating engineers!

1st Place Toyota iBat by Vincenzo

Comments (from Konica Minolta): We admire the form of this dock for both location and minimal usage of material. Very innovative design.

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Supercar Body CAD Design Challenge officially over with 193 stunning submissions in 40 days!

500 Group's Supercar Body Design Challenge ended last night. Almost 200 designs were uploaded during this insanely popular 40 day challenge!

GrabCAD is pleased to announce 500 Group's extremely popular supercar body design challenge ended last night with 193 stunning entries from engineers all over the world. The GrabCAD community now has until April 23rd to determine the winning model, which is based solely on the number of "likes" each entry receives. Although we want to show off some of the truly wonderful submissions here, the renderings and pictures below link to the general entry pages, and not to the individual submissions. Please take time to look through all the submissions and "like" only the best ones. This is the power of GrabCAD.

Enjoy rendering?

GrabCAD is making the deal a little sweeter for anyone with rendering skills. In addition to the challenge as it stands, the 3 neatest and most professional renderings that use the GrabCAD logo on any car (in the challenge) will be awarded $50 each. Renderings will be judged solely by Mikk, our graphic designer. Mikk will take a look on April 23rd. The GrabCAD logo can be found here.


The Supercar Body Feedback Challenge is live until April 23rd. Authors of the top twelve feedback comments (which are honest, constructive and helpful) will receive $50 each. All the participants in this challenge need to write maximum of 50 words feedback to not less than 75% of all the entries in Supercar Body Challenge.

As a reminder, asking for "likes" through private messages is not an acceptable practice. The means by which winners are chosen ("like" count) is meant to harness the true potential of GrabCAD- engineers giving feedback and honestly assessing others' 3D design work.

We, at GrabCAD, are simply amazed at both the creativity and the attention to detail displayed by engineers and designers in the challenge! We are proud of the submissions to this challenge and anticipate organizing many more intriguing challenges for our engineers to display their amazing talent soon.

Good luck to all challenge participants! We're excited to see some more neat renderings uploaded and honest, constructive feedback given as the GrabCAD community browses through the submissions.




10 interesting CAD models from last week

Friday afternoon is a good time to round up some of the most interesting models uploaded during the past week. I’ll try to make this into a weekly blog post. As the number of uploads increases a lot of good stuff gets pushed into the bowels of our CAD library. Time to put some of them into the spotlight.

4 piston engine

4 piston engine for Autodesk Inventor by Shelly. All semi-transparent models get thumbs up from us.

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Crowdbuilding a surfboard

Coming from Estonia I'm an unlikely wave surfer. I grew up inland, spending my summers in ponds and rivers. Even moving to the coast didn't help, the Baltic Sea simply does not produce surfable waves around here. So my surfing career started quite late in the west coast of UK, paddling into tiny fun waves on huge salmon pink soft top. 3 years later I'm a decent surfer but I've never owned a surfboard made specifically for me.

Surf board sketch

All this gave me an idea to try to crowdsource a CAD model for a board that could possibly see the day of light. Here's the progress so far.
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3D Printing Challenge – the sprint is on

The countdown has started. Only five more days to go until Friday evening when we'll ring the bell and start picking the three winner drawings that will get printed out by some of the leading 3D printing service providers. So upload your drawings if you haven't already, support your favourites by leaving comments and  encourage all the other engineers you know to sign up and participate. You really have only five days left to win the first GrabCAD competition!

To give you some inspiration and boost to compete, here are some more CAD files that have caught our attention and have a fair chance of being selected to test out some 3D printers:

A PC fan by Florin:

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Can’t find the CAD file you were looking for?

Don't feel bad, because you now have an option to make a request for that special file you've been searching for. Describe what kind of a file you are looking for and hopefully one of our many talented engineers can help you out. Make sure to give as detailed description as possible so that we understand exactly what your needs are. And, if you have an image or sketch of something similar, upload that as well - as they say, a picture paints a thousand words.
Request for missing CAD files
PS! If you are in a real hurry, you might even offer a reward for the engineer who helps you out at a critical moment.