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New GrabCAD Community Tutorials Features

Here at GrabCAD, we believe knowledge is power – so we’ve decided to empower you by adding some really cool new tutorials features to make GrabCAD Community even better! We’ve totally redesigned the Tutorials page to make it mobile responsive and easier to navigate. These improved features also make it easier to find, search, and create tutorials. We’ve added a new search bar to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And to take the guess work out of what a tutorial will help you to create, we’ve added thumbnails so you can see just what the finished model will look like.

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Make your SolidWorks CAD model a tutorial

It’s easier than ever to teach others with your SolidWorks CAD models thanks to the GrabCAD Library. Many engineers and students download others’ work to see how something was created. Walking step-by-step through a CAD model offers invaluable information on design and CAD skills. It helps the engineer downloading create better designs the next time they work or use best practices more. By recording your thoughts as you build, or after the fact, you get to preserve your design decisions and give back to the engineering community at the same time.

Football Helmet SolidWorks Rendering STEP / IGES Other By Jordan Tadic

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