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Case Study: Biotech Mech Engineers get SolidWorks files organized

Andy Homyk and Tim Higgins are Mechanical Engineers at HemoSonics developing  point-of-care blood analysis systems that will guide patient care and prevent life-threatening clots in surgery and cancer patients. Challenging enough, right? Unfortunately their job was made more difficult when they found themselves lost in a sea of unmanaged CAD files.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.07.34 AM

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Fusion 360 Key For Concept Design: An Interview With Aurel Estidial

One of the early adopters of the integration between Workbench and Fusion 360 is Aurel Estidial, creator of Microgeneration Concepts. The objective of Microgeneration Concepts is to design energy conversion systems for small scale power generation. Aurel is a huge advocate of open source projects so the open engineering capabilities of Workbench naturally caught his attention.


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Case Study: The CyDesign Challenges

The CyDesign Challenges were an experiment in every sense of the word. GrabCAD and CyDesign were trying to do some very different things than the standard challenge, which filled us with some excited and trepidation at the same time. With only  a few grainy images, virtually no specs and a single week we asked the GrabCAD community to come up with 3D models, with $500 as a reward.

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Case Study: Keyshot Engine Rendering Challenge

Keyshot is a popular program for a lot of Engineers and Designers in the community. So having a little Challenge seemed like a good idea! Everybody got an opportunity to get a short license and really mess around with Keyshot. It made the reason to win that much more appealing? Well it seemed that way - 178 entries of the most realistic renders of an engine that your CPU could handle!

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Case Study: Dirtbike Tire Changing Tool Challenge

If you have a dirtbike and regularly hit the muddy trails, it’s a real hassle when you blow a tire out. Its not particularly easy to remove a tire unlike bicycle nor easy to carry around a spare tire and rim like you would a car tire. Rabaconda (formerly called Generat) ran the Dirtbike Tire Changing Tool Challenge to see if the GrabCAD community could develop something for dirtbike enthusiasts. Did we ever! Among 52 entries, Jamil picked up the $1000 grand prize for his compact design – congrats Jamil!

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Case Study: Amico Bracelet Challenge

The Amico Bracelet Design Challenge was our idea of an ideal design challenge - cool idea, active participation and dialogue from all sides and an excellent product. The Amico is a Bracelet designed to help people connect with one another. Upload your Facebook or LinkedIn connections to the Bracelet and when you come in contact with another person, it notifies you of whether or not there is a mutual connection. Crowdsourcing the design made complete sense, and suffice to say, they were blown away by the number of entries and the quality of the winning design!

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