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The Need for Cloud-Based CAD Software

Do you work with CAD at the office but wish you could use it online? You’re not alone. According to a 2017 survey, close to 40% of CAD users at architecture, engineering and construction companies were interested in using CAD over the cloud but could not for various reasons.

Two years later, and still none of the major CAD vendors offer a complete cloud-based CAD solution. What’s behind this reluctance on the part of CAD providers to make their offerings available in the cloud?
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The amazing, fantabulous, bewildering world of cloud CAD: Infrastructure

"Cloud" is now a household word in today's engineering software landscape. That's both good and bad. Good in that new technology is actively being sought and aggressively adopted for CAD applications, bad in that the term places a whimsically diverse range of development, delivery, infrastructure, and virtualization technologies under one fantastically generic umbrella. So when it comes to cloud CAD, there's naturally quite a bit of consternation over whether your particular flavor of cloud-enabled CAD software might be pure, true, or perhaps even fluffy enough.

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